Spotify 0.3.2

Partial screenshot of Spotify 0.3.2

We have just released a new version of Spotify. In this release:

  • Different versions of the same album have been grouped in the artist view
  • The growl notifications have been modified to support replacement of a message rather than just stacking them
  • The prefetching model has been modified to prefetch across track boundaries
  • Feedback has been added for when changing tracks is not possible due to an ad being played
  • The row numbers in the top list view have been right adjusted
  • Keyboard short cuts for changing tracks or toggling pause no longer repeat
  • The error message for URIs to non-existing playlists has been improved
  • A bug causing password reset login to be very slow has been fixed
  • The album header has been modified to work better with very long titles
  • Context menus have been added to album covers and titles in the album view
  • The error messages for missing tracks have been clarified