Soul and house

In Spotify’s radio mode, you select a genre and a range of years or decades and get a feed of music corresponding to your choice. But one of our dear users contacted us and wanted more. He likes soul from the late 70s and modern house, but could only get either one through the radio mode.

We’re constantly thinking about ways to improve Spotify, including the user interface, and appreciate all feedback about the service, but meanwhile you can get an approximate solution to the problem at hand by following these easy steps:

  1. Search for “genre:soul year:1970-1975”
  2. Drag the first 100, say, songs to a new playlist
  3. Search for “genre:house year:2000-2008”
  4. Drag the first 100, say, songs to the playlist
  5. Select the newly created playlist
  6. Enable random playback
  7. Play the list!


  1. If you can hit the arrows.. to jump the next track.
    and also more house music .. MUCH more please !!!