It’s Christmas time

Martin decorating the christmas tree

Do we know it’s Christmas?

Martin turned out to be brilliant at decorating the Christmas tree, Rasmus at baking good looking gingerbread cookies, Roberta at playing old school Christmas carols, Daniel at lightening all the sparkling candles, Jon at teaching us the proper Christmas tree dance, Mattias at being our Santa and all of us at drinking spicy glögg and eating juicy saffron rolls.

Gingerbread cookies

With this dream team working as if there was no tomorrow, we know it’s Christmas time, and we’re well prepared. Now when we’re in the right mood we would like to share it with you guys! We hope you all are feeling well and are in good cheer with a warm Christmasy feeling. If you’re not, stop by our office – here it’s Christmas time for sure!

Our Santa

From all of us to all of you:

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All the Best from Sophia and the Spotify Team