Dear Santa…

This is what Ullemon wishes for Christmas. Here’s what we’re dreaming of…

Max: “I would like a slide caliper, disc sander and a bobcat”
Magnus: “I’m dreaming of a new roof, a blueberry pie, a pony and a house at the French Riviera”
Emil: “I need a cool reflector shaped as a lion”
Per: “More cowbell!”
Mattias: “A mini helicopter to play around with at home”
Sophia: “A Jane costume and a pair of new boots”
Göran: “Peace on earth and kind & happy people”
Martin B: “A Nokia N810”
Petra: “One week at a spa”
Jon: “I need a new alarm clock, preferably one of those simulating dawn light”
Andreas: “A coat hanger”
Daniel: “New china”