Introducing the Spotify Community Rock Star Program

Have you ever shown a friend how to sync a playlist? Ever explained how Spotify works to a group of people? At Spotify, we know users helping users is something special. That’s why we’ve created the Spotify SuperUser Program.
This program recognizes Spotify SuperUsers´awesome contributions. Program members may receive: premium codes, official Spotify gear, and a whole lot more! You may even get early access to new versions of Spotify and a direct line to staff members. Want to know a bit more about how Spotify works? Dying to get an update about a feature you requested? The Rock Star Program gives you both.
Here’s how it works: start posting! 
Go to our help boards and start posting answers. You’ll quickly earn new ranks and permissions. If you’re passionate about music, start posting in our music discussions board. Like blogging? Submit a blog post in the “off topic” board for review. Keep participating and a staff member will get in touch shortly.

The Spotify Community is a place to get help, help others, and talk about music. So if you know answers to your fellow Spotify music lover’s questions, why not help out?
We’re looking forward to you joining our band. Do not miss a thing and check it out here for more information.
See you all in our lovely Spotify Community.