Staff Picks – Kurt Wasserman

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.39.26 AMBringing you the best of the 80’s, today’s #FavoriteFollow is our New York QA Chapter lead, Kurt Wasserman. Check out some fun facts about Kurt, and his awesome playlist below!


Where are you from and how did you end up at Spotify?

I have been in software testing since 1986. I’ve tested everything from bank software on mainframes to Facebook games. My connection to Spotify was through the previous VP of Engineering who was, effectively, getting the band back together from a previous job. Back in 2011, I was the 3rd hire in the NYC Tech department; 1 VP of Engineering, 1 Developer and me, the 1 QA Engineer.

What do you do at Spotify?

I am the manager of the test team here in NYC. We work directly with the feature teams to ensure that everything the customer sees and listens to is of the highest quality.

What is your most memorable concert?

Kraftwerk – Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC – June 2005 – Being first in line and first row center with my friend of 30+ years and fellow fan.

What about Spotify do you love most?

The work we do here is for software that people CHOOSE to use. This is not some office efficiency tool or some other dry utility. This is the way people get their music and we have a direct and amazingly positive influence on people’s free time. That is more important to me than any job I have had.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Subdivisions by RUSH – I was just explaining the lyrics to my 6 year old son.

What has been one of your coolest moments while working at Spotify?

The day we went live in the US was definitely the high point of my time here at Spotify. So many people were waiting for the switch to be thrown and so many people were watching us. A mere two weeks after I was hired, there we all were, glued to the charts watching the number of subscribers go up and up and up. It was like watching a space launch. And then there was the day I met Jimmy Buffett at the office…

What do you think is the coolest band name ever?
Devils Wielding Scimitars

Check out Kurt’s 80’s Mega Mix here, and be sure to follow him on Spotify!