Meet Vela and bring Voice Control to your Music

We love fantastic apps that make listening to music even easier and more fun. A recent standout is Vela, an iPhone app that brings voice control to music.

Just tell Vela (Voice Enhanced Listening Assistant) what you want to hear – a song, artist, album or track – and it plays! The perfect hands-free companion while on the road, you can voice request songs in as little as 3 seconds. The app connects with your Spotify making sure that your perfect Road Trippin’ playlist is with you at all times.

Today the SXSW Interactive Festival announced Vela as one of their 8 finalists out of hundreds of technology start-ups for the 2013 SXSW Interactive Accelerator. In the competition, Vela joins the ranks of companies like (now Apple’s) Siri, which won the SXSW accelerator in 2010. We’re so excited to see one of our community of developers getting recognition for innovative uses of Spotify’s open platform and helping further the future of technology and music.

What you waiting for? Get Vela for your iPhone today and stay tuned for other devices soon!