Some sweet stuff from Music Hack Day Stockholm!

Last weekend we hosted a Music Hack Day in Stockholm bringing together programmers, developers, musicians and designers to conceptualize, build and demo the future of music. Over this period of 24 hours, a ton of interesting stuff was developed and we thought we’d share of the some highlights!

One of the standout apps was Orly, which enables you to check if the track you’re currently playing on Spotify samples, borrows from, or even covers another track. Fun!

Some other great stuff born from the event includes:

  • Floor Filler – an app that can detect if the crowd is dancing, and will change the song for you when they don’t. No better way to keep the party going!
  • Extendify – a Google Chrome Extension that adds Spotify Play Buttons on sites with information related to music (artists, playlists, tracks…)
  • Joggify – a mobile musical experience designed to give you maximum motivation and energy while running. The iOS app plays a curated Spotify playlist while keeping track of your movements using accelerometer data. If you happen to stop, your music will grind to a halt too! A genius way to keep motivated while training!

For the first time ever, this hack day also got its own soundtrack via a dedicated Soundrop room. Tune in here to check out the the tunes that the coders listened to while working on all this awesome stuff.