The Top 100 Playlists of 2012 courtesy of

Our friends at ShareMyPlaylists have put together some awesome charts to wrap up the year – check it out!

Top 100 Playlists
These are the most popular playlists of the year. TV show soundtracks dominated with playlists that include music from HBO’s hit show, Girls, Made In Chelsea, Breaking Bad and Shameless all featuring in the chart, as well as music from the London Olympics opening ceremony.

Top 100 Tracks
These are the most playlisted tracks – i.e the tracks added most often to playlists throughout 2012. The most popular genre on the ShareMyPlaylist site is Dance and this is clearly reflected here with Skrillex featuring three times no less in the top 10!

Top 100 Artists
The artists featured the most across all the SMP playlists!

Top 100 Members
The most popular playlist curators on the site.

Just for fun
The award for best playlist title of the year goes to “Inspirational Jogging Playlist – Songs That Make Me Feel Like A Superhero When I’m Jogging”.

Did you know?
The average playlist on has 173 tracks
All in all, it would take 144 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 15 hours, 36 minutes to listen to all the playlists on the site!