Our Interview with Flight Facilities

What do you think of Sweden ?
We’ve never been to Sweden for long enough to pass proper judgment, but everyone seems to be super polite and kind. Visiting Sweden is like being a guest at a posh dinner party.

Your debut hit Flight Facilities – Crave You was huge around the world. What was the most rewarding thing to come from that?
A career! It set us up for a second single that people would listen to. It’s very hard to make people listen to your first song if you have so little material to draw their attention. We’re forever thankful to Giselle for her amazing input on the song and giving us something to live up to with every release that followed.

If you could remix for 3 artists, who would it be?
Daft Punk, Metronomy and The Chemical Brothers. It’s mostly about the kudos of being asked. Knowing that they appreciate your work enough to adjust their own.

What can we expect from Flight Facilities in the future?
A little bit of the old and a bit more of the new. Our new single ‘Clair De Lune’ should show a little of our diversity (we hope). We’ve got another original up our sleeve for early 2013 which is similar to our track Flight Foreign Language feat. Jess – Flight Facilities Extended Mix. Then we have other tracks that are incomparable to our recent stuff, which to us, is a good sign we are exploring new ideas and experimenting.

Who Is your favourite remixer?
We’ve been hopeless at keeping track of music and remixes as of late. But favourite remixers of our own songs have been ones like AN-2, Will Saul and David August. Everyone seems to be so experimental right now that it’s hard to pick one person because of the sheer diversity.