Our interview with Winston McCall from Parkway Drive

1.Describe the album in 3 words?
Heavy, varied, Australian.

2. How would you describe the Parkway Drive- sound?
Heavy music, played with as much melody as we can, infused without compromising speed or intensity.

3. How is your new album “Atlas” different from your previous albums?
It’s everything you have come to know and expect from the band with a whole lot more. More depth, more sound, more substance.

4. How would you describe the metal scene in Australia?
Underground. I wouldn’t say I’m all too connected to it to be honest, but the bands I do see are solid, and are still playing music because it is something they are passionate about. It’s not for money or fame, that doesn’t exist for heavy bands in Australia, it’s just for the music

5. Which is the ultimate metal playlist that you can’t live without?
I don’t have a metal playlist so I’ll give you my hardcore playlist instead – Strife – In This Defiance Madball – Set It Off No Apologies- Survival Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire The Warriors – Beyond The Noise

Here’s a playlist with the band’s favourite music: