Try Muse’s Brilliantly Bonkers Animated Track Selector Tool

The new Muse album – The 2nd Law – has landed on Spotify. This is already a fairly exciting moment. However, just to ramp up the whole excitingness thing a bit more, we have kitted the album out with what can only be described as a Brilliantly Bonkers Animated Track Selector tool.


But what is a Brilliantly Bonkers Animated Track Selector?

Well, the BBATS will hold your hand* as it leads you through the following Muse-related greatness:

– An exclusive Muse fully curated playlist

– The entirety of The 2nd Law album

– The length and breadth of the Muse back catalogue

All you have to do is roll over the animation, click when you feel like a-clickin’ and the rest will not only be obvious, it will be triangular and powerfully tuneful. What’s more, you can also control the whole thing from the band’s own Facebook page.

Well, what are you waiting for?

*No actual handholding will occur – we made this bit up, sorry.