Our Interview with Danko Jones

What have the band been up to this summer?

We’ve been playing shows, releasing our DVD “Bring On The Mountain” and getting geared up to release our new album – Rock and Roll Is Black And Blue

Where did you find inspiration for this album?

Inspiration comes easy for any album. The thought was being able to tour the world playing Rock Music night after night and getting on stage in front of an audience is all we need to start making the next record. Sounds real dumb but it’s true.

What do you look forward to this fall?

Well, obviously we’re looking forward to everyone hearing Rock and Roll Is Black And Blue. We think it’s bangin’. But we also have a book coming out in October called Too Much Trouble – A Very Oral History Of Danko Jones, which is a bio book told through quotes ala Legs McNeil. It was written by Stuart Berman and everyone from Lemmy Kilmister, Jello Biafra, Peaches, Dizzy Reid, Damian Abraham, Marty Friedman and a ton more people are quoted in it.

We’re also gonna be touring our balls off! In Europe then Canada and hopefully we’ll be able to do a few dates in the States. Next year it’ll be more Europe and Australia.

What are you listening to on Spotify at the moment?

Listening to the new Gojira, Melvins, Future Of The Left and Turbonegro.