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Exciting news for Android users! Starting today, you can now enjoy radio on your Android! It’s never been easier to play and save music on the go.

A stellar radio experience on your Android is now just a click away –

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#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

It is Monday and, as always, time for a new playlist!

We kick off this week with a song called “Fineshrine” by a new favorite Canadian indie electronic duo called “Purity Ring”. I was really looking forward to hear more from them after hearing their amazing debut single “Obedear” a few months ago. Last week I was happy to see their debut album “Shrines” made available in Spotify.

Next band out this week is by an American indie-pop duo called “Ghost Beach”. I really like their catchy feel-good song called “Miracle”.

More American dream pop coming up. This time from a San Francisco duo “Midi Matilda” and their single “Red Light District”.

We continue with “Hot Chip”‘s dreamy song “Let Me Be Him” from their latest album “In Our Heads”. “In Our Heads” is “Hot Chip”‘s fifth full-length album and I agree with those who say it is their most playful and colorful record yet.

Last song in this weeks playlist is by the English singer; Louisa Rose Allen, better known as “Foxes”. She completes this weeks playlist with her beautiful debut single “Youth”.

If you have song suggestions for next week’s playlist, be sure to drop them in Mona’s Spotify Inbox.

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Check out Blur’s Spotify App

To celebrate 21 years since the release of their debut album Leisure, Blur are launching their Spotify App. If you are a Blur fan use the App to hear new and exclusive content, create playlists, and listen to set lists from gigs throughout the band’s two decade history.

Here’s the full list of Blur’s Spotify App features:

  1. Bios – band bio and individual bios for band members Alex James, Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Graham Coxon
  2. Featured Shows – a series of radio shows hosted by Gary Crowley, to be released over the next four weeks, taking a look at key milestones in the band’s career
  3. Discography – from Leisure to present day
  4. Playlists – a playlist generator tool, and a library of playlists created by other Blur fans
  5. Gigs – browse setlists from the best of Blur’s live gigs, and enjoy playlists of their favourite gigs since 1989, curated by the band themselves

Click here to add the app to Spotify today!

July Beats presented by @thursplay


Our friends at @thursplay have compiled this playlist for July.

July has been a great month for new music releases. A lot of bands have revealed their much anticipated new albums or singles and you can find some of them featured on this July Beats playlist.

British band Mystery Jets has a new album out called “Radlands” and in this playlist you can listen to their beautiful “Someone Purer” track found on their latest album.
Indie-rock London based, The Vaccines, also has a new release out: listen to “No Hope” and get your feet moving.

New Yorker based singer-songwriter Regina Spektor has released a new album called “What we saw from the cheap seats”. The song “All the rowboats” has stood out and it can be found on this playlist. Beautiful, isn´t it? She still got it! “Hips and Lips” by Brittish alternative rock band, Maximo Park, is a great and catchy track from their new album of same name.

Still on the new releases, check out “Take a Walk”, new single by Passion Pit and “Wrecking Ball” which is the new single by Norwegian band Casa Murilo; Bloc Party with “Octopus”, Band of Horses with “Knock Knock” and the very uptempo “Headphones” by Little Boots and “Always” by Summer Camp.

From their latest album “The Temper Trap”, listen to “Trembling Hands”, another extraordinary song by the Australians indie-rockers of The Temper Trap. A playful song by Serenades is also featured in this playlist. “Weapons” is one of the many great songs by this Swedish group formed by Shout Out Louds´ Adam Olenius and Laako´s Markus Krunegard.

New music from known names: Jack White with “Missing Pieces” and The Walkmen with “Nightingales”. MsMr introduce themselves with their single “Hurricane”, an easy-to-get-lost-into yet intriguing track. We sure are curious to hear more from MsMr, what about you?

What have you listened to the most during this month of July? Let us know by sharing your favorite beats with us on Twitter using the hashtag #thursplay.

Enjoy the playlist!

101 Great British Classics

This week, all eyes – and ears – are on the UK!
Ahead of all the excitement, we’ve compiled the ultimate collection of Great British Classics – spotlighting some of the hottest bands and artists from Britain.

Tune in here!

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

We kick off a new week with a an amazing song from a new New York duo who are making a huge buzz around the blogosphere these days: “Hurricane” by “MS MR”.

We continue with a favorite English indie rock band: “The Maccabees”. I never get tired of their song “Glimmer” from their lastest album “Given To The Wild”. If you have not done so already you should take the time and listen trough the whole album. It is packed with amazing songs!

Next track on our playlist this week is by a Swedish Indie-Electro-Rock band from Stockholm: “Urban Cone” and their song “Kings & Queens”. And then time for English “Theme Park” and their song called “Milk” and US/UK based “The Kills” with their catchy “Tape Song”.

Last song in this week’s playlist is by an American band from Denton, Texas and it happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time: “Roscoe” by “Midlake”

If you have song suggestions for next week’s playlist, be sure to drop them in Mona’s Spotify Inbox.

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App of the Day: Any Decent Music?

Get access to a broad range of critical opinion with the new app from Any Decent Music?!

Developed from the chart, which provides music lovers with constantly updated listings of the most critically-acclaimed albums, this novel Spotify app uses ratings from the leading expert, independent review sources across the world to help you discover the best in new music.

Reviewing the reviews
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Focusing on all contemporary genres – from indie to electronic to hip hop and everything in between – the ADM app is your indispensable aid to explore and instantly hear the most highly-rated new tunes!

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Live Soundrop chat with Amy Lee of Evanescence

Join Amy Lee, the lead singer of Grammy-award winning band Evanescence, for an exclusive live chat tomorrow, July 18th, at 3PM Eastern on Soundrop!

Visitors to the band’s official Soundrop room will be able to listen to the entire Evanescence catalog, as well as vote up their favorite tracks — in essence providing a soundtrack to the entire chat!

Don’t miss out – enter the Soundrop room here.

A brand new way to discover music with Sonarflow’s App for iOS

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can now explore our universe of millions of songs in a captivating new way with Sonarflow.

Sonarflow is a free App that offers a visual and intuitive way to browse and discover music from our catalogue by highlighting artists and tracks in different coloured “Bubbles”.

How it Works
After opening the App, three bubbles, “Starred”, “Your Spotify Tracks” and “Top Tracks”, appear. Pinching any of these bubbles with two fingers will lead you to a deeper level of browsing.

By activating the discovery mode, similar artists will be suggested in further bubbles. By touching one of those bubbles, you will get information regarding the artist, cover art, videos and “Top Spotify Tracks” which can be played directly by the app.

You can download Sonarflow’s iOS app on the App Store.

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