Everyone’s loving Spotify Apps

It’s now been three short months since we introduced everybody to Spotify Apps.

The apps have opened the door to a whole new world of music discovery and engagement for our users, who have now spent a total of 1500 years within the apps since their launch.

A few highlights

Soundrop lets you discover, listen to and share music with friends in ‘rooms’ created by genre or theme. Users listened together to 15 million songs in February alone – the equivalent of our entire catalogue, or 100 years’ of music.

Visitors to Tunewiki can sing along to the lyrics of the song they’re playing. Users have now edited or synced more than 100,000 songs in the ‘wiki’, helping create content for others to enjoy and sing along to.

Moodagent, which gives you instant playlists to match your mood, generates over 3.5 million playlists a week, with the ‘Happy Quick’ mood proving to be twice as popular as ‘Angry’ mood.

And SpotOn Radio, which was built on the Spotify mobile platform, went all the way to number six on the Swedish iPhone app store.

It’s been a great start. Watch out for more exciting news regarding Spotify Apps coming very soon!