The Doors – L.A. Woman [40th Anniversary Edition] Playlists + Exclusive track

As part of an ongoing celebration to mark the 40th anniversary of The Door’s final album ‘L.A. Woman’, Rhino have released a special edition of the album, which includes the previously undiscovered track ‘She Smells So Nice’.

The Doors – L.A. Woman [40th Anniversary] by Doors Anniversary

In addition to this new material, the album contains an exclusive track only on Spotify: ‘The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) [Instrumental]’.

Bruce Botnick reveals: “Way back in 1971 when we were recording the L.A. Woman album, we came to a point in the road where we needed another song. Ray and Jim, in looking through Jim’s poetry book, came upon Texas Radio and the Big Beat.”

“Texas Radio had been performed live for years but as poetry and not with a melody. Ray and Jim, John and Robby huddled and Jim started humming and singing the poetry, where upon Ray, John and Robby constructed an arrangement for Jim to read his poetry and sing the choruses.”

“We welcome this opportunity to bring you the backing track so that you can experience the creative magic as it happened in the studio.

Check out the playlists here

Improvements to Spotify and offline sync

If you’ve recently noticed the odd track re-syncing in your offline playlists, there’s no need to worry. We’re currently working on some exciting improvements to make Spotify even better.

This means that you may need to re-sync a small number of tracks as we update our catalogue.

Please bear with us for a short time while we work to improve Spotify. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Spotify Platform and the ‘Viva’ client

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a number of great uses of the Spotify Platform that have enabled wonderful new musical experiences. In-client experiences such as Songkick’s integration and’s discovery engine. Third party mobile apps like SpotOn and Soundrop. And now we have another great project to let you know about.

One of our Mac OS X engineers has released a libspotify-based desktop client for OS X Lion, Viva, that he’s built to test libspotify and CocoaLibSpotify and as an interesting ‘side project’.

While this isn’t an official Spotify client it is another example of just how powerful and easy it is to build upon the Spotify Platform. If you’re running OS X Lion feel free to check it out, it’s a little rough around the edges but still great to use.

If you’re a developer and want to learn how to build something yourself using the Spotify Platform check out our developer site now.

January Beats presented by @thursplay


Our friends at @thursplay have compiled this playlist for January.

In this edition, you’ll find your dose of amazing female vocalists, such as Austra, Anna Calvi, Amanda Mair, Class Actress, mixed with a few Swedish findings: SHEASHEASHEA, Big Fox, Henrik Jose (to name a few).

Stirred by fresh indie rock from The Virtues, Project Elephant, Miles Kane.. and to keep your feet moving, some uptempo beats by Cut Copy with “Need You Now” and Masquer with “Stark Naked”. Topping the list, the cool kids from Norway: Casa Murilo!

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Shining vinner Spotify utmerkelsen “Årets Innovatør”

I samarbeid med Spellemann deler Spotify for andre gang ut utmerkelsen ”Årets Innovatør”. Vinneren er bandet Shining, som i løpet av 2011 har utnyttet sosiale medier for å kommunisere med sitt publikum på en nyskapende og kreativ måte. I tillegg til utmerkelsen får vinneren en markedsføringskampanje på Spotify til en verdi av 200 000 NOK.

Juryen, som er valgt av Spotify og består av fem kyndige personer innen den norske musikkbransjen, valgte bandet Shining som ”Årets Innovatør”. Juryens motivering lyder: ”Shining har i løpet av 2011 hatt et sterkt nærvær på samtlige sosiale medieplattformer. Fra Flickr til Facebook integrerer bandet med sine fans gjennom kreative konkurranser. Gjennom å trykke opp en fysisk QR-kode og auksjonere den bort på Ebay fikk bandet oppmerksomhet også i de tradisjonelle mediene”.

Shining – Blackjazz

Spotify sponser Spellemann 2011 og retter oppmerksomheten mot Årets Innovatør

Spotify og Spellemann deler ut utmerkelsen “Årets Innovatør” for andre år på rad. Utmerkelsen setter fokus på en norsk artist/gruppe som i løpet av fjoråret benyttet den nye teknologien for å kommunisere med sine fans på en kreativ og nytenkende måte. I tillegg til utmerkelsen, mottar vinneren en markedsføringskampanje på Spotify til en verdi av 200 000 NOK.

Spellemannprisen er den årlige gallaen som arrangeres av Spelleman AS for å hylle, inspirere og motivere alle norske artister. Spellemannprisen startet i 1973, og årets galla holdes den 14.januar 2012 på Folketeateret i Oslo.

De nominerte til Årets Innovatør 2011

2011 var et fantastisk år for Gabrielle. Hennes første singel “Ring Meg” ble sommerens største hit og toppet både Spotify og VGs lister. Med en morsom og personlig videodagbok, har Gabrielle oppnådd en stor og lojal fanbase.

Trym Bjønnes
Gjennom kombinasjonen hardt arbeid, kreative idéer og sosiale medier kan man komme langt. Trym Bjønnes fikk mye oppmerksomhet både online og i tradisjonelle medier da han en dag lanserte “Twitterturnéen”. Det hele resulterte i 28 spillejobber på 24 timer; alle gratis og på ulike plasser i Norge.

Gjennom stadig å laste opp nytt materiale på sin blogg og Facebook-side har Peder Losnegård, bedre kjent som LidoLido, skapt seg et navn i løpet av 2011. Med konkurranser engasjerer han sine fans som gjerne kommenterer og bidrar til engasjement begge veier.

Bare Egil Band
Har brukt de digitale kanalene på en personlig og humoristisk måte – og kommuniserer med både nye og gamle fans. Med en populær blogg og egen TV-serie har Bare Egil Band markedsført seg selv og sine to nye album på en kreativ måte.

Shining har i løpet av 2011 bygget opp et sterkt nærvær på alle de sosiale plattformene. Fra Flickr til Facebook kommuniserer og involverer bandet sine fans med kreative konkurranser. Gjennom å trykke opp en fysisk QR-kode og auksjonere den bort på E-bay fikk bandet oppmerksomhet også i de tradisjonelle mediene. De ansatte dessuten turné-arbeiderne sine via sin Facebook-side.

Try SpotON Radio with unlimited skips, powered by Spotify

SpotON Radio

We are delighted to see great applications created by other developers using the Spotify Platform. We’re really impressed by one that’s been released this week, SpotON Radio , a third-party radio application for iOS devices.

SpotON Radio allows you to create personalized radio stations on your iOS device. These stations mix your Spotify favourite tracks with similar songs. Just download the application to your iOS device, login with your Spotify or Facebook credentials and start discovering new music!

These are some other features that SpotON Radio offers:

  • Create personalized radio stations based on any artist
  • Like and dislike songs to fine tune your stations entirely to your own taste
  • Add new tracks or export the entire stations’ history directly into your Spotify playlists
  • You can skip as many songs as you like

It’s a great way to find new music similar to your own taste! And it is all powered by Spotify’s huge music catalogue and EchoNest’s song recommendation engine.

Spotify Premium subscribers can enjoy SpotON Radio right now. Head over to the App Store to get it.

The sounds of January courtesy of

Share My Playlists

We present you the music selection that our friends from Sharemyplaylists have handpicked for this month.

Best of Annie Mac 11
If you like your dance music, check out this collection of bangers from Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac’s end-of-year show. There’s 2011’s biggest tunes from the likes of The 2 Bears, Duck Sauce, Chase & Status and Toddla T, alongside classics from Inner City, A Guy Called Gerald, Daft Punk and Utah Saints. And loads more besides – 60 tracks, in fact.

I, Partridge
The literary event of 2011 was, unquestionably, the autobiography from north Norfolk’s greatest living broadcaster, Alan Partridge. If you haven’t got your copy of I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan, get one now. Or, better still, get the audiobook – it’s ace. Also worth checking out is this accompanying soundtrack created by Alan himself (aka SMP user Mike Chatterton). We’re pleased to see this one in the chart.

Unsigned Finds: Best of 2011
Okay, we know you’re probably bored with the end-of-year lists, but this one from Unsigned Finds is so good we had to bring it to your attention. And we guarantee you won’t find a best-of list quite this anywhere else. For the best new and unsigned bands from the past 12 months, get clicking here. Go on, then – what you waiting for. Now!

~ K-Pop 4 Dummies ~
Next up, SMP user Freddie Buddy would like to introduce you to K-pop – that’s pop music from Korea, you know. Sadly, Kim Jong-il’s cover of Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None) didn’t make this list, but there’s still some bloody good music here. A lot of it is as mad as a box of frogs, of course, but it’s good nonetheless.

January 2012 – Acid Jazz Hispano
Quite simply one of the best playlists you will ever hear on Spotify, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s Acid Jazz Hispano. Acid jazz, funk, soul, electro, house, rare groove, disco, R&B and hip-hop – they’ve got it all. This month featuring Jurassic 5, Clyde Alexander & Sanction, Donny Hathaway, Q-Tip, The Bahama Soul Club, Public Enemy and The Universal International Orchestra, among many, many others. Brilliant.

Consultthis Music: De La Soul sampled
Incredible reception for this one on the SMP Facebook page. De La Soul – the greatest hip-hop act of all-time – are the subject of this playlist. If you want to know where they pilfered their hooks from, check out Consultthis Music: De La Soul sampled: Johnny Cash, Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown, Average White Band and more.

RIP 2011: Remembering Those We Lost This Year
This superb playlist, as the title suggests, pays tribute to many of the artists that died in 2011: Amy Winehouse, Gil Scott-Heron, DJ Mehdi, Dobie Gray, Bert Jansch, Gerard Smith and Nate Dogg, among others. Sorely missed – all of them.

Kieron’s Electro Mix Vol.8
Next, an expertly curated electronic music playlist from SMP’s very own Kieron, his ace Kieron’s Electro Mix Vol.8. If you missed episodes 1-7, allows us to fill you in. Basically, right, there’s all this amazing electro music that wants to take over your cerebellum and force you to bust moves like James Brown on hot coals. Damu The Fudgemunk, Fred Everything, Weirdo Police, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Felix Da Housecat, Laid Back and a cast of thousands also star in this one. And they’re all probably having affairs with each other, or something.

Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasurers
Another playlist that received a big reaction for this one on the SMP Facebook page – and a must-hear mixtape for serious soul-heads – is Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasurers. It features such soul gems as Jimmy Holiday, Doris Duke, The Soul Children Bobby Moore & The Formosts, George Perkins and The Silver Stars and more. And it’s absolutely brilliant.

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey was pretty big in 2011, but she’s going to be huge in 2012. Whatever successes come her way, will she ever match the unbridled joy creating a playlist for SMP brings? Probably not. She’s got good taste in music, has Lana Del Rey: Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Nat King Cole and more feature on this on.