Spotify for iOS v0.4.11 is now available

We have an update to our iPhone and iPod Touch app to let you know about today.

This update includes numerous improvements, an updated design and the following changes:

  • Localised into French and Spanish
  • The Edit button is back – use it to create new playlists, remove playlists, and mark playlists for offline use
  • Local Files playlist shows you all the mp3s and m4as you have wifi synced from your computer
  • Redesigned with a new colour scheme
  • Removed iPod integration feature. All your MP3s can now be easily synced using the Local Files feature.

The update is available in the App Store today, go forth and download!


  1. This “new” app isn’t really new. There isn’t anything better than the earlier.

    I would appreciate:

    1) Playlist folders

    2) iPod integration back, please. Or, at least, the possibility of un-link the songs on the iphone app: I mean, when a song is selected from the PC or MAC local files, the iphone app tries to substitute it with a similar version from the Spotify database, but this can be a bit annoying with live versions (for example) from albums that aren’t on Spotify. I would like to have the local file instead of a “similar version” of the song.


  2. Has development on a WP7 client been cancelled? Apparently you have developers working on the iOS client, so making the announcement 6 months ago that Spotify will be available on WP7 makes one wonder…

  3. @kalvinkleenex – we read all the comments, I can assure that all the feedback is heard loud and clear.

  4. Ever since the update my Spotify has not worked at all!! I’ve been using it for over 16 months on my iPhone no problems but now the screen freezes or will not respond to touch…VERY annoying and sadly means I am thinking of ending my account. Fix it please!!!


  5. After the update spotify stops playing as soon as my IPhone goed into energy saving mode. Fairly annoying!! Did something change in the preferences or is this a bug?

  6. I’m waiting for an iPad version to replace my iTunes library/free account at home with Spotify Premium.

  7. alouw: Kill spotify from the iPhone taskmanager and restart it. The old version did the same sometimes but restarting it fixes it.

  8. After updating it chrashes every time! Right after I accept the terms. What do I do now?

  9. Il continue the nagging… When is the IPad app coming?!? Many people are waiting!!

  10. Why are there “blips” in my music. Happens on all tracks since a week back. It jumps over a chord or two every now and then. Not nice reduces the listening experience?

  11. Local files are scribbling to last fm. Hurray the update I have been waiting for


  12. Nice update but i am still missing a couple of things:
    * Queue function
    * Playlist folders
    * iPad version

    And for the whole Spotify experience it would be great if you could have a “Favorite artists” feature where you could have a list of all your favorite Artists. Then you could have features like subscribing to your artists newly released albums and songs etc.

  13. Ever since multitasking was introduced in iOS 4, and Spotify updated it’s client to suppoert the new API for multitasking sound, there has been a bug in releasing the api when sound isn’t playing.

    This means that if you do not quit spotify via the multitasking menu (double tap, holding the icon and pressing the red circle) the clock alarm, ringtone volume etc. will all be played off at the level set in the, which is rather stupid, especially if I’ve set the spotify volume to very low, I’d still like to hear the phone ring.

    This bug has been present for almost a year now, and it’s just stupid that you guys haven’t fixed this yet. On Android it behaves like it should, once music stops playing, you’re controlling the ringer volume, not the media volume.

  14. why create localised versions of Spotify? When can we expect a Swedish version?

  15. After the update spotify won’t accept any of my local files. Any others having that problem?

  16. Seems faulty to me, Spotify now crashes shortly after launch. Have been working fine in all previous versions. Happens both with iOS 4.3 and 4.3.1. Annoying.

  17. I’m a relatively new user and while i was debating wimp vs spotify i found more of the music i like on spotify so opened a premium account and started to dig in. Love the database but being a creative developer and collector I can think of a few implementable improvements that would make the flexibility better.

    First, talking about the desktop client now (hoping that whatever features there will eventually be ported to the iphone app).

    The folder thing is quite neat but I miss the ability for the desktop client to automatically sort every folder and playlist alphabetically.

    Then there is the issue of tagging that could greatly improve the experience. User defines tags/categories (just like the star) would be simply wonderful besides the folders function. Then I could “collect” my artists as folders with selected music or entire discographies but at the same time tag songs within the library as for example “dance music”, “laid back” or “my 80’s favourites”. Tags would then appear like own playlists (again like the star). Doesn’t it sound great? 🙂

    Also, wish there was some place, perhaps on the web, where i could “dump” requests for artists and/or albums I feel is missing from the library. Also would be good to have a place to report errors (like found some serious spelling mistakes within the library) to optimize spotify and thereby even more enhance the quality of the library.

    There is also some confusion about artists with same names being wrongly mixed up, could also be something to report.

    Hope this to be considered 🙂

    Thx for the great music, and for those who think spotify is expensive, don’t be ridicolous, it is more than worth its price considering what you get in terms of availablitily, performance and quality. Thumps up!

  18. Please license the “Music Genome” algorithm from Pandora (
    It enables one to find limitless amount of new music, based on the analyzed musical qualities of your current favorites. Today Spotify only plays such music I already know, or that my friends like.
    Well, I like different music than my friends do! And I do not *know* about the great tunes I have *not heard* before – so how could I search for them on Spotify?? The current service just does not cut it for discovering new music.

    Any suggestions, you great people at Spotify?

  19. What a great upgrade! I love it!

    I´ve some comments, though:
    – The offline bar saying «Spotify is in offline mode.» is pretty annoying and not very sexy. Please make the message about online/offline mode less visible.
    – Sometimes – I don´t know when or why – the grey background behind the playlists turns white with a bunch of grey some places. Bad explanation, but it looks terrible and you´re probably working on that already.
    – I LOVE your solutions that are much better than the iPod app. Switching songs with dragging the album art to left/right, or the new «Hide»-button in «Now Playing», for instance. Much more logical.

    But … When I tap to show the info for the song in «Now Playing», it´s a bit hard to hide the info. I can use the Info-button or tap in the little spacing between «Share Track …» and «Shuffle/Repeat», but it´s still not that easy as SHOWING the info.

    I hope you see what I mean and that my feedback can help you – like the other great things people has mentioned here on the blog. I look forward to see more beautiful changes.

  20. LOL there is still no play queue and no iPad version and you expect us to PAY for this?! Hahahaahahahahaahaha!!1!1