Spotify for Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone updates

We’ve got an update to Spotify for Windows and Mac OS X that we’ve begun to roll out to users today, version 0.4.9.

It includes a number of bug fixes as well as support for Mac media keys without interfering with iTunes, pausing when volume is lowered and we’ve re-added auto-play for all track links when clicked on from Twitter, Facebook, feed, etc.

As with all new releases for Windows and Mac you will automatically be updated in the next few days as we upgrade all our users.

We’ve also got an iPhone update available in the app store. New features and improvements include:

  • A much faster start up speed, Spotify loads 6 times faster than previously.
  • Spotify will not start playing after you hangup a call if you have removed your headphones during the call.
  • Retina display graphics for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G.
  • Attach a message when sharing to your Spotify friends.
  • Improved how Spotify reloads your position after a restart. You no longer have to wait until you get online or tap to cancel before you can use Spotify.
  • Stability fixes related to log out, opening links, changing songs, login, and others.



  1. When is the Ipad app coming? Party mode with queue as default instead of immediate play?

  2. Spotify for iPhone has started crashing after updating to 0.4.10; the client just closes itself while syncing offline playlists and the sync continues where it left off. In addition, Spotify seems to be using more processor cycles; backgrounding Spotify seems to slow down the phone. I had been using 0.4.8 since October and never had such problems before.

    Running iPhone 4, iOS 4.1

  3. Fix the issues of multitask and the fact that spotify constantly stops playing in iOS! I’m paying for these services!!

  4. @thorn.max – try turning your phone off and then back on, that should solve the multi-task issue.

  5. Thank you so much for reversing your decision about the autoplaying links – it’s a small thing but it’s a huge help for me 🙂

  6. Is there going to be an update for the Windows Mobile version soon? It’s really needed, since the volume keeps resetting itself down to the minimum level when you play a new song.

  7. Nice to have another update but there is still annoying issues on iOS.
    Local files wont allways sync, if sync succeeds files come unplayable over time.
    When local file, or song that is not awailable in offline mode comes next on playlist playing stops, it should automaticly skip those files/songs.
    Landscape mode? A must have while navigating.

    10€/month and support is in childs shoes….

  8. Working media keys in OS X! This has absolutely made my day :). Finally I can toss out my kludgy AppleScript-based solution. Thanks!

  9. Please include streaming of music to external loudspeakers in the next update! Airstream! 🙂

  10. The iphone app needs the ability to reorder the songs on the playlists and a playlist search function.

  11. PLEASE!

    Add Ogg Vorbis 320 kb/s option for the mobile app. People have a lot more space now, and i seriously need better sync quality for my desire!

  12. iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad
    like many others who enjoy their Christmas present. Please bring out a killer iPad version and I might have to buy some more Spotify accounts for my wife!

  13. Just got a premium account cause I think Spotify is the best thing that happened since sliced bread. But pretty please, can I have a client for my Windows Phone 7 device as it get’s jealous of my Desire?

    I read some where you had started on a client, any news you can share on the progress of it?

    Thx for a killer service!

  14. I also just got premium and thought u had Windowns Phone 7 application. when is it coming?


  15. I need q9 (~320 kbps) on iphone, the sound quality is not enough when connecting to my car system. An eq would also be fine!