Spotify Premium – Kitsune’s The Fireworks Issue pre-release

French electronic indie label Kitsune have been putting together amazing compilations of their top tracks for years now and they’re now on to their tenth chapter, The Fireworks Issue.

The latest release contains great tracks from the likes of Yelle, Two Door Cinema Club, Clock Opera and many, many more. Spotify Premium listeners can check the album out today, before it’s wide release.

Also be sure to check out the Classics by Gildas & Masaya playlist which is a compilation made by the DJs Gildas and Masaya.


  1. A couple of years ago I was at a friend’s house party – the music was terrible, so I wandered over to the sound system and quickly switched the ipod playing for my own, and put on the Kitsune New York mix. Later on got chatting to a girl about how great the music was – turned out she was a fan too. One thing led to another, and we’re still together now, and got engaged a few months ago. If that’s not enough to justify tickets then I don’t know what is! We’re both massive fans, and would love to go to see Gildas and Masaya live.

    Favourite tracks have got to be Lifelike remix of La Roux / In for the kill, and Fred Falke mix of Lykke Li / I’m good I’m Gone. And the whole NY album obviously!

  2. God I gotta get me a pair of them tickets! I like my Indie Danceable, and my Dance Indie. Cheers.

  3. I follow Kitsune Maison compilations since the first issue in 2005 and now, having the tenth release, I see how the music trends have changed during this time. And, of course, my music taste has evolved along with them.

    It’s not easy to pick one, since there are so many profound tracks, but if I had to it’d be Jupiter Room by Digitalism.