Bjørn Johan Muri’s Airwaves & Tone Damli’s Cocool

Win a dreamy day with Bjørn Johan Muri! The winner will get to meet Bjørn Johan at the record company’s office for lunch, and then join him on a day of adventure…

Wanna know more? Go to Universal Music’s Facebook for details.

If you don’ t win there is still no need to cry, because Bjørn Johan has just released his new album “ Airwaves” , which according to him is an uplifting album. Check it out on Spotify! Should you against all odds want something else to listen to, we would recommend Bjørn Johan’ s own playlist of favourites: Spotify BJM.

When Tone Damli started making her new album, Cocool, she was pretty sure which direction to go in. She had a lot of inspiration from her “new” life, both new and old experiences, and a good knowledge and awareness of other artists. Now that the release of the album is not far away, she’s a bit nervous. It’s time to let go of her fourth “baby” which is always difficult.

As part of the release Tone has put together a great playlist of some her favourite tracks and has also got a great contest for you to enter to win some of her merchandise.


  1. And were is Madcon? :(((
    The new singles/album is not on spotify, and i think every1 wants it there 😛