The Alexandria Quartet’s ‘Light Drawings’ and ticket giveaway

Light Drawings” was recorded in Los Angeles in March 2010 with producer Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle club, Dandy Warhols). The album was recorded during the course of 10 intense days in Bright Street Recorders, North Hollywood, the place in the world that has the highest population of recording studios.

Musically, our inspiration hails from the year we lived in the bleak east side of London, among deserted factories, vermin and polish lunchmeat. At the same time we were touring all over Europe. We were alternating between sharing an apartment and sharing a crowded band bus. This restless existence has set a certain atmosphere for the music, and has also brought us closer together as a band. When touring like this you get the opportunity to listen to a lot of music together in the car. Here is a playlist with some of our favorites.

The idea of recording the album in LA was formed when we came in contact with Miranda Lee Richards (Former vocalist in The Brian Jonestown Massacre), and her husband Rick Parker which ended up producing our album. The album was mixed in their garage while we sat by the lemon tree in their garden drinking tea and every once in a while checking on Rick and the songs. We eventually feel this album has been colored by the less luxurious and shallow part of LA.

These experiences have been important to the band, and will be with us when we present our album on tour this fall. If you want to win tickets to come see us you can sign up for the competition.