Spotify Premium – Robert Plant exclusive EP

When Robert Plant collected the 2009 Grammy for Album of the Year for Raising Sand, and a further five more for his work with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss, it confirmed that Plant was hungry to build on his substantial musical legacy.

His new album, Band Of Joy, was recorded at Gillian Welch and David Rawlings’ Woodland studio in Nashville, an important hub from the Seventies which the pair rescued from closure. Despite Plant’s name being above the album’s title, Band of Joy – named in honour of his pre-Zeppelin psychedelic blues outfit – is a collective endeavour built on a mutual love of high-powered roots rock, country, folk and gospel.

“After all the things I’ve done, the idea of just stepping forward with other people and letting them take the lead is an exciting prospect,” says Plant. “Nothing is daunting for me – but forever challenging. I have to be able to just get out there into the great drift of music and possibility, and hang onto great themes and ideas.”

The album makes for Plant’s most eclectic work so far, an album which continues the explorations of Raising Sand into exciting new territory.

Spotify Premium users can now get a first glimpse of his new album Band Of Joy on an exclusive six-track Spotify EP – plus from the 13th they’ll be able to hear the
album in full.