Music stories on Facebook

We’ve been fans of Facebook for a long time now, so much so that we looked to them for inspiration when building our own social features.

Yesterday they reached a big milestone, 500 million users, and to celebrate they’re collecting stories from their users and asking which ones inspire them. We’re happy to take a small part in this and we’re asking our users to share their music stories with the new Stories tab on our Facebook page.

So if you’ve found a new favourite band after seeing them in your friend’s top artists, attended an amazing festival or maybe you even found love after someone dropped a track in your Spotify inbox – please feel free to share the story.


  1. amazing. Next thing would be is to integrate the FB Stories and the #Spotify search on twitter into the client

  2. and API for social networks would fit so we can integrate other social networks with Spotify

  3. Please keep your Facebook out of my Spotify. I’m not a fan of having my information harvested.

  4. as squarewheel says, I strongly wish Facebook becomes as obsolete as myspace when Diaspora enters the game in some months. It’s high time WE decide what we share and with who, not some ugly corporate business

  5. could you please add : rise against – give it all ? been waiting for it for a LONG time 🙂

  6. rise against give it all been waiting for long time give it all you can on FB