Spotify Premium, My Little Friend

This post was guest written by Thomas Dybdahl, who’s new album, Waiting For That One Clear Moment, is available for premium users in Norway as of today. You can also listen to the playlist that he created for Spotify listeners.

The album has had numerous of working titles before ending up with ”Waiting For That One Clear Moment”. “Party like it`s 1929”, “I Chose To Remain A Monkey (again) and “Blandingstryne” to mention some of them. We started the recording just before Christmas 2 ½ year ago and kept it going between long breaks of thinking and writing, until Christmas last year.

“We” is me and my co-producer Morten J. Olsen (Moha!, Ultralyd to name just a few). Morten played drums with me and my band “The Great October Sound” up until 2006, before we split and he focused on own projects. My plan was to follow this receipt on the record: Take one core, consisting of a sad man with a guitar, roll it in a thin layer of garageband-quasi-stasifunk, dip it in a light orchestral post-nostalgic chocolate souse and let it dry. Drill then a hole in to the core and suck out the man with the guitar, break him up in small pieces and strew him over the fresh pastry. Voila! If we succeeded can be discussed of course, but the result is a record that doesn’t sound like anything else and I`m very proud of it.

Hope you like it and enjoy it, even if it`s not playing on the same emotional strings you might know from my previous works.