Spotify Sweden, MJ DVD

The hit movie “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” is coming out on Blu-ray and DVD this week and we’ve got ten prize packs to give away to users in Sweden courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The prize contains either a DVD/Blu-ray of the movie, a T-Shirt and the soundtrack.

If you’re interested in winning just leave a comment here on the blog as to why you should get the prize. Also be sure to check out the specially made MJ playlist from Darin for this contest.


  1. Ville inte gå ensam och se filmen på bio och eftersom ingen ville följa med så har jag inte sett den. Men vill väldigt gärna göra det så jag håller alla tummarna nu.

  2. Since I missed the concert at O2 (like everyone else 😦 ) this could be a great surprise 😀

  3. my brothers wife miss him so much, she plays MJ every time she get the chance since we got the sad message.
    i would give this to her!

  4. Mamma å Pappa är stort fans av MJ, vore bra att överaska dem med detta! 😀

  5. My Sony Blu-Ray player wants to play the King of Pop in True HD!!! So will I.

  6. Det kan behövas lite inspiration och glädje såhär i dessa kalla och snöiga tider och vad är inte bättre än en MJ DVD då.

  7. I would like to be a part of this competition because MJ was actually one of the first artist i even listened to. His first song i heard was ‘Will you be there’ from the movies ‘Free Willy’

  8. Watching “This Is It” moved me in ways I’ve never experienced before, The King Of Pop will live forever in our hearts.

  9. det har varit så mycke snack om den här micke.. jag vet inte ens vem det är…

  10. My 6-year old son is a big fan and is dancing to MJ songs on Spotify already. Would be a great gift to see him live as well.

  11. I am hes greatest newest fan.. simple as that. Didnt really listen to him before he died, but now i love him…

  12. One day we’re all going to die, all other days we’re not. Till that day I want to celebrate living with Michael Jackson.