Spotify in Norway at 7-Eleven & Narvesen

We previously announced that you could purchase Spotify Premium months in retail stores in Sweden. Starting today we’re extending this offer so that you can also purchase premium months in 7-Eleven & Narvesen stores in Norway. You can select one, three, six or twelve month purchases.

Just as in Sweden, you’ll receive a receipt that contains a code. Log into the Spotify website and enter that code on the premium purchase page and your account will be immediately upgraded so that you can start enjoying the benefits of a premium subscription.

If you’re missing a stocking stuffer or little gift to slide into a card this Christmas this could be just what you’re looking for.

Note: A 5 NOK store service charge will be added to the premium price.


  1. Anyone knows if you can buy it in north-norway? Like, around Tromsø and such? Heard some guys complaining about the fact that it hadn’t come there before christmas..

  2. When will this be available in Finland??? I’m sick and tired of Jonathan and Rebecca…

  3. Hi,

    I just brought Spotify’s code from Narvesen. I upgraded my existing account and got the message,”you are using the premium version”…blah blah…

    But now when i try to download music, as said in the add.. “you can download as mp3 and keep it”.. it wont let me download..instead when i hit the buy button.. it asks me for card information…?

    Any help??? Takk

  4. dette er jo flott, det eneste som mangler nå er at man får invitasjoner. har vært medlem i flere måneder og har fremdeles INGEN invitasjoner!!!