Spotify now available at Telia

Telia ❤ Spotify

This week started off with a lot of excitement around Spotify for Symbian but that wasn’t the only big launch this week.

Early Monday morning Telia, Sweden’s largest mobile operator and ISP, began including Spotify Premium in a large number of their mobile and internet offerings. Signing up with Telia is a great way to get premium, you won’t need to worry about going over any data limits when using Spotify and rather than paying for two services, you get Spotify Premium conveniently added to your monthly bill with Telia. Best of all, if you sign up before Christmas you’ll get Spotify Premium for free until Easter!

You can purchase these packages online or in any one of the hundreds of retail locations in Sweden. (Our local Telia shop down the street is pictured above).

So if you’ve been looking for that perfect Christmas gift for someone close, or want to get a new mobile yourself, head over to your local Telia shop and include Spotify in your holidays.


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    Spotify Gift Card Out of Stock?!

    I wanted to buy a gift card to Spotify this Christmas. And what greets me?!

    ” Out of stock
    Due to popular demand our gift cards are currently out of stock. But there is good news, we plan to release new gift cards in the near future so check back regularly for more details. ”

    Isn’t that just the dumbest thing you’ve seen in a while?

    Apparently, these are physical cards, and I can see how that is nice. But why not just let me have an electronic version instead if the physical variety is out of stock? I really personally don’t give a damn, and I didn’t actually think they would be physical in the first place – I somehow expected that one got a pdf file with some code, possibly with a nice card-appearance that one could print out, cut to size and wrap up. Seriously; We’re approaching the most major holiday season, and people buy gifts for Christmas, not subscriptions to themselves! Isn’t it simply extremely strange that Spotify don’t want to jack into this obvious revenue stream?

  2. @stolsvik – we should have new gift cards (electronic ones) real soon. We’re just putting the finishing touches on them now.

  3. When do we get this in Finland with Sonera? The company is called TeliaSonera after all..

  4. You have to work on the communication. Just received a SMS from Telia that they give you the first month and you state that I get it for free until Easter. And what happens if I already have an account? Can I transfer that to my Telia billing?

  5. It’s interesting that you blurred a girls face in the picture but not the the man’s or the old lady’s… What’s up with that? 🙂

  6. Vafan, fick nyss det här smset från telia:
    “Telia bjuder på Spotify Premium! Skicka SPOTIFY till 4466 och beställ, vi bjuder på den första månadsavgiften värd 99kr. Läs mer på
    Hälsningar från Telia.”
    Och när jag skulle beställa så funkar det inte för att jag inte har ett kontantkort, när dem skickade reklam-smset till mig även om jag har ett kontantkort. Ganska så efterblivet.

  7. Skrev fel innan. Det var för att jag hade ett kontantkort i mobilen som det inte fungerade.

  8. Jag får inte ihop detta riktigt med Telias information.

    Ni skriver: Signing up with Telia is a great way to get premium, you won’t need to worry about going over any data limits when using Spotify […]

    medan Telia skriver:
    Hur många timmar kan jag använda Spotify innan jag kommer upp i 5 GB?

    Med exempelvis hastigheten 250 kbit/s kan du idag streama Spotify i cirka 44 timmar innan du är uppe i 5 GB.

    När du nått den mängd data som du har i ditt erbjudande stryps hastigheten för mobilsurf till 120 kbit/s, Spotify påverkas dock inte utan du kan fortsätta att lyssna obegränsat i Sverige.

    D.v.s. om jag använder Spotify i någon större utsträckning kan jag inte använda telefonen till andra mobila datatjänster vilket är riktigt dåligt. Om Spotifys datatrafik inte räknades alls vore det däremot ett mycket intressant erbjudande.

    Vilken av informationskällorna är det som är felaktig?

  9. Will spotify launch this service next in another trademarks of telia? (example, yoigo on spain)

  10. Hej “ante493”!
    Vi ber om ursäkt för att du fått ett felaktigt sms-utskick från oss. Av misstag har ett antal Refillkunder fått SMS om en fri månad Spotify premium. Du kommer att bli kontaktad och bli erbjuden Spotify free istället.
    Med vänlig hälsning
    Karin Nordlund, Informationsansvarig Telia Kundrelationer

  11. så man måste ha abonnemang för att få gratis streaming på spotify appen? eller gratis å gratis, ni fattar.

  12. I recommend Spotify to everyone i know.
    But I do NOT recommend getting this kind of deal!

    Pay for Spotify to Spotify and pay for mobile bandwidth to a telco-company.

    Why, you ask.

    Well, there is a problem if spotify is the only music service that gets lifted from the bandwidth limitation, or you get flatrate for spotify-traffic but not for other internet traffic.
    The problem is that we prevent other music services from entering the market, thus preventing them from competing with Spotify. The competition is needed for Spotify to be on its toes and keep innovating nice features to us users.
    Eventually, we will all get a worse service compared to what we could have gotten.

    This is something called net neutrality, and it means that you should not have to pay differently or get lower bandwidth when using one particular service compared to another.
    (It actually means some more things than that, you can read more here if you are interested:

    It seems like Telia has now changed some of the terms since they introduced the offer, so it _might_ be ok now.
    To be on the safe side I will always try to pay to the actual service I use.

  13. When will Spotify be available for LG cookie.
    När kan man använda spotify på LG cookie? jag vill ha spotify i mobilen 😛

  14. Nu får ni se till att få ordning på tekniken!
    Det går inte en dag utan att jag drabbas av stopp i streamingen.
    Har VÄLDIGT bra fart på linan 100/100 så problemet ligger inte här utan hos er. Har varit trogen Premium abonnent sedan starten men börjar nu ruttna på att det inte går att lyssna utan ständiga avbrott. Ska man alltid behöva ladda hem spellistorna offline för att det ska funka??


  15. Are you thinking of making it available fro the Palm Pre =>WebOS?

    It would be great!!!



  16. Why the annoying yank in the already annoying intra-music spam?

    It’s not “Spahddify”, it’s “Spotify”. FFS! Are we the 51st state?

  17. @ bikeanimal:
    Annoying “spam”? Pay for Premium then, and you wont be “spammed”. Easy solution. One way or another, you’ll have to pay for your consumption.

    And, by the way: Who are “WE”? Are you perhaps referring to “YOU”, over there in the UK? Spotify is a Swedish company, and as such, I think they are under no obligation what so ever, to neither use, nor promote, The Queen’s English…

  18. About the picture on top, why is just one of the faces censored? Or is it a girl with a blurry face? 🙂

  19. Bon Jovis nya album, The circle, ska funka utan premium, men det fungerar inte :((

    Bon Jovis new album, The circle, do gonna work whitout premium, but it dosn’t work :((