Spotify Premium Sweden, Strand turns one


Strand in Stockholm is celebrating it’s one year anniversary later this year and they are throwing a series of concerts to celebrate. We have five pairs of tickets to each show for Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden. The shows are:

If you’re interested in attending one of the events leave a comment on the blog along with the show you want to attend and we’ll pick winners later this week. The shows are all 18+.


  1. Min flickvän skulle bli sjukt glad om jag kunde överraska henne med biljetter till Asha Ali, som hon är ett stort fan av.

  2. Kul, dock har jag inte lyssnat mycket alls på dessa artister.
    Har hört någon på någon reklam.

    Maia verkar dock ha potential.

  3. I’d like to see “Maia Hirasawa + Jonna Lee”.

    And I would also like to see a mobile client for my Satio 🙂

  4. I’m not from Sweden, I’m not a premium user… but well I did a lot of publicity about Spotify on lastfm, does it help to be heard?! Few words : I use Spotify since many months now, enjoy it, but I think there’s more and more bugs. Spotify suddenly stops while there’s an add (well, not bad after all!) and refuse either to play the add, either to play any other song, you just have to restart your computer, no other solution works… Also Spotify doesn’t like some things : for example you listen to some songs on it, then you listen to a cd or a radio on lastfm, and you come back to Spotify : it doesn’t work anymore, you need to write again your username and password. Many things like that, all the time, a lot of loss of time. Those bugs should be fixed! Thanks.

  5. I have a problem: when I open my spotify, they told me there’s an error. They say: “The Spofity Updater is trying to install the update, but didn’t succeed. The error message is: Acceso denegado (5)”. What I have to do?

  6. Om inte ansökningstiden är förbi ställer jag gärna upp i Asha Ali-utlottningen.

  7. On a totally unrelated note… i was wondering if the Spotify client will have better playlist sorting. The addition of virtual playlist folders would be perfect…

  8. Hoppas på biljetter till Maia Hirasawa + Jonna Lee November 24. Thumbs held!

  9. Hope Im not too late… Man I would LOVE to see the Ravonettes (Allthough I love all music 😉 )

  10. Would be forever grateful if I could bring my soulmate (she doesn’t know it yet) to Asha Ali on the 9th!