Music catalogue updated with 63,270 tracks

Another update to our music catalogue today. We added 5,453 albums and singles to the catalogue, in total 63,270 new tracks are now available.

A few highlights includes:

Have a look at the Google doc for the full listing of all the releases. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country and some tracks previously available may no longer be playable due to regional restrictions.

Let us know what gems you find in this update.


  1. Please, add some more Red Hot Chili Peppers. You have almost none! These should be on Spotify (i think so at least); Stadium Arcadium (album), Californiaction (album) Blood Sugar Sex Magic (album).

    Those are the greatest, love on y’all.

    And P.S, I know that it might be ome legal problems or something, but if it’s not, please add it. Those are the albums that are most populare. Their greatest hits are on those albums. Love on y’all ones more.

  2. I’d like to see Neurosis at your list. Isis is excellent and quite similiar band, but they still differ too much.

    At the moment I really like the amount of old school thrash the Spotify has.

  3. Hi there

    Do you recon you could put some more Drum and Bass songs in, some famous artists haven’t got there latest album (which isn’t that new)

    Also, i think it would be a great idea to include a “Genre” search

  4. You can already do a boolean search using genres , example:

    genre:”Adult Contemporary” OR genre:Club/Dance
    will return all results from those two genres (artists and songs)

    genre:”Adult Contemporary” AND genre:Club/Dance
    will return artists who are assigned those two genres

  5. korn singer Jonathan Davis live solo album Alone I PLay would be cool thanxs alot =]

  6. That’s great I suppose but at this point my favor leans towards

  7. We are in DESPERATE need for some chilli peppers on there. This ‘Studio 99’ tribute just aren’t the same.

  8. Please, please, please ,please get more Red Hot Chili Peppers! PLEASE!!!!!

  9. Wow good and all but I just found out that Now that’s what I call music! 70, 71 and 72 aren’t on spotify any more! Why? Tracks I really liked have disappered from my tracklist! I want to know why the albums were taken away.
    Loving the new songs, can you get the latest x-factor finalist single up?

  10. Add Tool dammit! I need Tool in my life, come on now don’t be shy.. add some Tool please.

  11. You have removed Katatonia’s latest album?


  12. Finaly a Japanese track on Spotify!! 😀 The single XYZ from HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR! Now I’m only waiting for the rest of their albums & singles, as well as some other artists like Yui, Access, Ali Project 😛 (have kinda been waiting for Japanese music ever since I became a member on Spotify)

    It would also be nice if Rammstein was avaible again.



    Thank you a lot!!!

  14. Waiting for more Japanese music also!
    Kudos for adding more HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR!