Spotify Premium UK, Let’s Get Together


English musician Newton Faulkner is releasing the follow up to his hit 2007 album, Hand Built By Robots, later this month.

Rebuilt By Humans is named after an incident where Faulkner fell on some ice and broke his wrist badly, effectively he had ‘been put back together again’ by humans. Starting today, Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK can pre-listen to the album exclusively on Spotify.

Also available today for Spotify Premium subscribers in the UK is Turn it Up, the debut release from English singer–songwriter Pixie Lott.


  1. Thank you! Newton Faulkner is amazing and having the chance to listen to this FANTASTIC new album early is a real treat, and would have caused me to subscribe if I hadn’t done already.

  2. great, thanks.

    we really need a Premium-Only section though, maybe in the home area? so we can just see what premium-only stuff is available.

    and god please give us some collapsable folders or something in playlists. ive got too many!

  3. @danwtmoon – do you get an error message? Does logging out and back it fix it?

  4. Was listening to the gutter twins on Friday night, and loving their stuff. tried to listen again yesterday and today, and can no longer find them listed. Any ideas?

  5. hi guys

    i really want to jump over to premium. any way we can sample how the better bitrate sounds before we purchase? it’d certainly be an incentive for me and i’m sure many others?


  6. I thought this was an excellent pre release… would love to see the new Mika album on here for premium subscribers too… It would be nice if there was either a page with the weekly new releases and pre releases for us rather than having to search for new things to listen to each week.

    Oh and by the way, Cliquester? The higher bit rate is pretty good!