Spotify Mobile


You’ve seen the demos, we’ve gotten the approvals and now Spotify is mobile .

Today we’re really excited to announce that Spotify is available to our premium subscribers for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android platforms. The Spotify app is downloadable in both Apple’s App Store and the Android Market.

We’ve worked hard to bring you the same great Spotify experience you’re already familiar with to your phone. The mobile apps will allow you to take the entire Spotify catalogue and put it in your pocket. You can use our ‘offline mode’ to make playlists available at all times, even when no connection is available. Perfect for that ride on the tube or long flight across the Atlantic.

Launching these apps is our first step at going mobile and we’d like to thank all the people who worked hard on making this happen as well as all the partners involved in the process.

We’ve set up a mobile section with more details and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. We know that you’ve been eagerly awaiting this launch and we appreciate the patience – now go out and get that app!

French summary:
Nous sommes très contents de pouvoir vous annoncer que Spotify est à partir d’aujourd’hui disponible pour nos membres Premium sur les plate-formes iPhone, iPod Touch et Android. L’application Spotify peut désormais être téléchargée aussi bien sur le App Store de Apple comme sur Android Market.

Nous nous sommes efforcés à vous apporter la même expérience utilisateur sur le mobile que vous connaissez déjà et l’application mobile vous permettra de mettre tout le catalogue de Spotify dans votre poche. Elle vous donne aussi la possibilité d’accéder à vos listes de lecture à tout moment, même sans connexion internet disponible, parfait pour le métro ou un long vol traversant l’Atlantique.

Spanish Summary:
Hoy estamos realmente encantados de publicar que Spotify ahora esta disponible para nuestros suscriptores de la cuenta Premium en el iPhone, iPod Touch y las plataformas de Androide! La aplicación de Spotify la puedes descargar desde el App Store de Appel asi como desde el Androide Market.

Hemos trabajado duro para ofrecerte la misma fantástica experiencia de Spotify que ya conoces, pero ahora en el teléfono. Las aplicaciones móviles te permitirán llevarte todo el catalogo de Spotify en el bolsillo. Puedes utilizar el modo “offline” para escuchar las listas de reproducción en cualquier momento, especialmente cuando no hay conexión disponible, ideal para cuando estés en el metro o en el avión volando sobre el atlántico.


  1. So does that mean if you have the app and spotify premium then you get unlimited music whenever you want ad free even offline??? whats the point in buying music anymore? haha

  2. Hope you guys are working on an iPad version of Spotify, this would be the coolest app…

  3. So, I just went to to check out whether an Ipod Shuffle would be compatible with my Spotify account, but it just links to a page about Itunes. Does anyone know if I would be able to download my playlist to Shuffle?

  4. hello! im so glad that spotify have added spotify mobile, im also glad you can get it for free on ipod touch! keep up the free downloads because all my mates love it becos its free! xx

  5. Everything is great but when You are going to launch an italian version? I will be moving there in soon and can not imagine how my life is going to look like without old good friend:-(((

  6. is it possible to be offline mode on ipod touch becuase ima buy an ipod touch to get to use spotify when im training