Spotify for iPhone

Late last week we put the finishing touches to a very special project we’ve been wanting to share with you for a while now. After many weeks of burning the midnight oil at Spotify HQ in an effort to squeeze into it every drop of musical goodness, we’ve finally completed work on the Spotify app for the iPhone and sent it over to the nice people at Apple.

We thought it might be nice to show you a video of what we’ve built for you.

Our iPhone version is very similar to the Spotify you’re already familiar with and will allow you to listen to your music even when you’re not connected to a network. The application should be available in a few weeks for premium subscribers – we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s in AppStore.

Update: Spotify is now available on the iPhone.


  1. If anyone had the same problem as me, it seems the installation instructions should mention that it might be necessary to restart the phone for it to work properly. After a reboot it started to work even with locked screen.

  2. can anyone tell me why the spotify app keeps activating my voice control and also it starts to play songs on my iphone???

  3. Wishlist:
    go social – spotify friendlist to whom you can send song recomendations to or share playlists with
    genius – create playlists based on your musical preferences
    scrobble – on the iphone app

  4. I can’t believe how many people are complaining about the fact that the iPhone/iPod Touch version is for premium users only! Unlimited music for a flat fee on your iPhone/iPod Touch….. just the kind of thing people have been screaming for from Apple and now the good people at Spotify have done it….. everyone seems to want everything for nothing! I’m new to Spotify and after using it tonight and reading up about it all I’ll be going premium as soon as I get my iPod Touch out of the car!

  5. The subscription isn’t a problem at all. It’s the most I’ve paid for music in ages, and tbh, it’s still pittance. The whole idea is to change how we value and pay for music and I think this is the nearest to a successful model yet. Fact is if £10 a month is too much for you, then you’re probably ripping ALOT of people of illegally.

    Anyhow, the app is brilliant. i’ve been waiting for it for ages and it has made me subscribe for the premium version.

    I do have 2 gripes with it though which will hinder my move all together from MP3.

    1) the fact it can’t run in the background like the ipod app. If this never gets sorted, it will be a MAJOR issue for the portable apps success imo.

    2) No scrobbling for us nerds. Mean’s I’m more likely to use ipod on the go if I have the tracks. Surely this can be sorted?

  6. Wow, good move Spotify – been waiting for something like this since I joined. This will tip me over into the Premium subscribers now 🙂 will probably wait until some of the bugs above are fixed though …


  7. Great start, it made me upgrade to premium but I don’t think I’ll be paying for another month unless a few things are fixed.

    Same controls as the standard iPhone inline mic controller (ie click to pause, double click to skip etc).

    And it does not play through my Griffin iTrip (via the dock connector) in my car, which kind of makes it pointless to me. I know I could buy a similar product using the headphone jack but it does not seem worth it.


  8. *sob* …. I’m so happy 🙂
    Since I’m already a subscriber, it’s a great new free toy for my fav phone! Many thanks!

  9. My god, the amount of 1 star reviews in the app store from idiots saying “should be free to everyone” is unbelieveable, yeh of course, the entire music catalogue should be free for people to carry around all the time, for the amount of music you can access £10 is such a big sum right? jesus…

  10. Will it be possible in a future update to allow A2DP control over bluetooth. I keep forgetting and accidentally launching the ipod.

  11. The Spotify app is the best thing to happen to the iPhone ever! I don’t understand the wingers wanting ‘all for free’ my annual fee is a snip as far as I am concerned. As the farther of a musician we do have to find some way of pushing money around in the industry. This seems the best way to support musicians not the music fat cats!

  12. love the app! just a bit of feedback, sure you’ve heard it all before but just in case….

    – LOVE that i can download the playlists and listen offline. this is what makes spotify better than my ‘ipod’ and

    – it really needs to work as a background app, otherwise my ipod is gonna win out on this

    – it’s a bit glitchy….if i scroll down through my playlists sometimes the app freaks and kicks me back to the homepage. very annoying when i’ve spent aaaaages scrolling down the page

    – i want to be able to search through my offline playlists for artists and albums, can i do this?

    – can you do something pretty with the album covers a la itunes so i scroll through them and choose albums to play?

    – love that is syncs through wifi

    – give me more recommendations please and new album releases

    – make the shuffle easier to turn off rather than going through ‘i’

    – when i’m listening to an artist, can i then click on that artist and see all the different albums i’ve downloaded?

    – and importantly – get these updates sorted quick! now i’m paying for spotify premium (the app is the only reason i’m doing this) i expect the service to be spot on, glitch free, and more intuitive.

    thanks muchly!

  13. oh well, i guess a free spotify iphone app would be a bit much to ask, since you are downloading the tracks themselves…. its still cheaper than buying the tracks though 😉

  14. Incredible app! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. If you introduce scrobbling as well, I will give you guys something nice for christmas!

    (And those kissnödiga tightasses on Apple will be cursed if they don’t allow spotify in the background.)

  15. Hello
    I have an iPhone and live in Sweden but I can’t get the app on my itunes to sync with the iPhone. My itunes account is with the Danish store and the payment is with a danish bank, but I live in Sweden. Is there another way I can get Spotify on my iPhone other than via iTunes?

  16. please. i really want spotify on my phone… but i havent got an iphone or anythings… its a samsung touch screen… kinda looks like an i-phone thing… please make that possible….

  17. Get scrobbling implemented and I’ll be at the front of the queue for my premium subscription.