Spotify Premium Sweden, Way Out West


Way Out West is an absolutely amazing festival taking place in Göteborg on August 13-15th of this year. It’s got a stellar line up with acts such as Bon Iver, Amadou & Miriam and Lily Allen performing.

We have four pairs of VIP tickets to the event to give away to Spotify Premium subscribers in Sweden so if you’re interested in winning leave a comment on the blog. For a list of all the acts head over to the official website and check out the playlist that Mattias put together for us with tracks from most of the confirmed artists.


  1. rosor är röda violer är blå,
    spotify är ra och jag vill till wow gå

    ifall ni inte slumpar ut dem 😀

  2. Jag skulle ta mig hela vägen från östligaste till västligaste Sverige i ett nafs om jag hade lyckan att få en biljett! I would love to even, love to!

  3. Det skulle vara fett,
    att vinna en WOW-biljett.
    Jag skulle bli så gla’.
    Sån här händer inte var da’.
    Så snälla Spotify,
    välj maaaaaj! 🙂

  4. My hamster got ill so I had to buy very, very expensive medicine for her. The medicine was so expensive I had to sell my WoW tickets to be able to afford it! If my hamster gets ill again I need more tickets to sell. You don’t want my poor hamster to suffer, do you?

  5. I created a playlist with the most popular song from each artist at Way Out West that we have in Spotify. Enjoy: spotify:user:ehn:playlist:0T36sZVtCSE2KoPp5KGTaO

  6. So many good bands participating in this years’ way out west, I would love to go!