Spotify music catalogue updated with 3,900 releases

While today may be April Fool’s Day this is no joke, we’ve added over 3,900 new albums and singles to our music catalogue. In total close to 49,000 new tracks are now available on Spotify.

A few of today’s notable additions includes a new album from PJ Harvey such as A Women A Man Walked By. Also added today is R.O.O.T.S., the latest album from Flo Rida.

For a full listing of today’s additions please have a look at the Google Doc. As with every update not all albums listed may be available in your country due to regional restrictions.


  1. cool nice update! One question tho whatever happened to the Black Sabbath albums? there is only one in there now last time I checked there were about tenish?

  2. manu666 – The Sabbath albums are there, try deleting your Spotify cache, it’s likely showing you an old version of the artist listing.

  3. Thank you for a very nice update! I hope the new Dylan single will become available in Sweden soon.

  4. Oh, and have you any idea why all the Labrador stuff is restricted in Sweden?

  5. fewmanchu – Apparently our rights to their catalogue covers only a few countries right now, we’re working with them to expand the coverage so hopefully we can offer it to more countries soon.

  6. I decided not to go premium when some of my favourite artists disappeared/never appeared in the first place. One Neko Case song? Only the latest Martha Wainwright album? Is there any way you can find out when and if you update a specific artist?

  7. andres, firstly congratulate for the 3rd anniversary of spotify; Is the best thing that has gone on to her to the music. I have a question: Blanco y Negro will it offer his CD in a short term? Many artists I cannot listen to it because they have the rights this label.

  8. Why aren’t any of these new releases ever available to Australia.
    We are all premium users here and yet all the featured releases in your blogs are unavailable.
    Do you even bother trying to make deals with Australian license holders?

  9. Labrador! Yay! Country restricted… Noooo!!!! I want labrador, also in Norway!
    Mail sent to the label….

  10. And whats the difference between spotify:track:5jNPZpIgKG8fq7pahytZFL and spotify:album:5hsTa89NLOrVVlJQFZh8d6

    If one is a clean version, while the other is explicit, then is it possible for you to make this clear in the album title, or somewhere other than the album art, because in this case it’s not clear.

  11. Ok in addition to above post (we could do with an edit post feature) I can confirm both albums are explicit! So whats going on?

  12. Still hoping for Esther Lamandier and more of Moishe Simons.But still a staggering range of music.

  13. Allright. Finally there is an Ariel Pink album on spotify. keep up the good work.

  14. not433 – Häpna has switched distribution partners so we had to remove the albums under the current deal. We have a deal with their new partner so those albums should become available again in the near future.

  15. thanks for the great update!
    but as so often there are some artists misspelled.
    f.i. the german MIA. were added as M.I.A. and there are worlds between their music… =)
    a mistake correction/report system would be very useful for spotify!

  16. @andres:
    You said “Häpna has switched distribution partners so we had to remove the albums under the current deal”.

    This is exactly what is wrong with the record labels attitude to the internet. Why do they need a distribution partner on the internet? A distribution partner is good for making sure physical product (CDs) gets to record stores in a particular region, but why do you need one on the internet? Spotify is (or should be) the record label’s distribution partner on the internet why do they need yet another middle-man to complicte the issues?

    The record companies need to get their act together otherwise they are going to self destruct and drag down poor companies like Spotify at the same time.

  17. @andres
    What about the new “The Prodigy” album? It’s still not available in the UK.

  18. @andres:

    Thanks 🙂 That’s good to hear, especially as I’m dying to hear the new Anna Järvinen album.