Huge metadata overhaul (or “Where did my music go?”)

“Metadata” means “data about data”. When we talk about music metadata, we mean things like the names of albums and songs, album cover art, artist biographies and so on. To figure out correct metadata for an album may seem like an easy task, but sometimes proves to be harder than it seems.

Yesterday, the content/metadata team at Spotify rolled out a big metadata update (and we’re quite proud of it!). Our new metadata system allows for easier integration of several providers of content and metadata. Among other things, this means that we can use more data from MusicBrainz and Allmusic to enhance quality of metadata.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite SadnessA big improvement is the display of multi-disc albums. The discs are now grouped together under the same album title. Each disc has a disc number and may also have a title. It’s really neat!

Iron & Wine and CalexicoAnother nice feature is that a track may have several performers. If you click the list of artists, you’re currently taken to the first of those mentioned. (An obvious improvement is to be able to follow links to each of the artists, and you should be able to soon.)

Bill Wyman's Blues OdysseyWe’re also sorry to say that many of you probably have seen the “This album is not available in your country” message. This often occurs when several editions of an album exist, some of which have bonus discs. We only want to present complete albums, so the system thinks it’s an error that we don’t have music files for the bonus discs and removes the album altogether. This is a bug in Spotify, and we’re working hard right now to solve it. Fear not, we’ll bring back your music!

Spotify 0.2.11

Screen shot of Spotify 0.2.11We just released Spotify 0.2.11. Changes since the previous version:

  • Multi-disc albums are displayed as multiple discs rather than separate albums (or a very long album).
  • Spotify for the Mac uses the key chain for storing passwords again.
  • The symbol highlighting the currently played track in a list of tracks is a triangle again.
  • Spotify links work also when Spotify is not running.
  • A bug that caused the login window to expand over the entire screen is fixed.
  • Logging in and searching using non-western characters works in Spotify for Windows too.

Content and metadata changes

We’re improving the way we handle music metadata, which means you should experience more relevant search results and less misplaced music over the coming weeks when browsing through the catalog. As part of our ongoing negotiations with rights holders, we have also pruned the catalog. We’re sorry if this means your favorite artist is missing. Our long-term goal is to have all the music.

Spotify 0.2.10

We just released Spotify 0.2.10.

These are some of the changes since 0.2.9:

  • The color schema has been changed as a first step towards a new design.
  • A bug that made the application forget about playlist owners has been fixed.
  • A bug that crashed Spotify when the play queue was opened after starting Spotify has been fixed.
  • The Mac crash reporter has been reworked.
  • The delete and play buttons in the playlist list have been removed.
  • A bug that occurred when resizing album cover art images on the Mac has been fixed.
  • The shuffle behavior has been changed so that when playing a playlist and shuffle is active, the playlist is reshuffled, and the first track played is not the same every time.
  • A bug that broke URIs to playlists has been fixed.
  • Ctrl-click can be used instead of right-click or two-finger-click on the Mac (again).
  • The playlist deletion confirmation button is now red.

We also fixed a few additional crash bugs which we knew of thanks to the crash reporting system.

Spotify 0.2.9

We released a new version of Spotify today. The most visible changes for version 0.2.9 are on the Mac:

  • Spotify for Mac and Windows now have the same graphical user interface. As a consequence, some previously Windows-only features are now available on the Mac.
  • Spotify no longer hangs on auto-update. The new and improved updater will only manifest itself once we update from 0.2.9.
  • Spotify links can be dropped on the Spotify icon in the dock.
  • Spotify supports the media keys on newer Apple keyboards.
  • Cover art images are prefetched in the radio mode.