A blog post by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek We are in the middle of rolling out new terms and conditions and privacy policy and they’ve caused a lot of confusion about what kind of information we access and what we do with it. We apologize for that. We should have done a better job in […]

Zeg hallo tegen Spotify Apps

Vandaag introduceren we een nieuwe wereld binnen Spotify. Een wereld waar je nog meer muziek kunt ontdekken en van nog meer nieuws kunt genieten. Vandaag presenteren we Spotify Apps. Spotify Apps zijn handige en geïntegreerde applicaties binnen Spotify, gemaakt door een aantal van de besten en slimsten ter wereld. Iedere app geeft je een nieuwe […]

Hello America. Spotify here.

We’re excited to let you know that today we’re bringing Spotify to the US. This is a great day for anyone who loves music in the US and, of course, a real milestone for us at Spotify. I’m proud of the fantastic team who have been working tirelessly to bring what we think is the […]

Upcoming changes to Spotify Free/Open

Spotify’s aim from the very beginning was to make music on-demand available to all. To give you the power to listen to, discover, share and manage your music the way you want to – simpler, faster, better – while making sure the artists whose music we all love continue to see the benefits as we […]

Spotify reaches one million subscribers

It seems like only yesterday we were hatching ideas for a new music service in a tiny office-cum-apartment with a broken coffee machine, and the party we threw having reached one million users almost two years ago today was one to remember. So it’s with a sense of real pride and excitement that we can […]

Overnight success takes a long time…

A few thoughts on the past year by Daniel Ek. I’ve spent some time thinking about the last twelve months and I wanted to mark the one year anniversary of Spotify with a few thoughts about where we have got to as a business. I’ve set those out below. I want to start off by […]

Today we have a lot to celebrate

Spotify turns three years old today. Yes, we really did start the company on April Fool’s Day. It’s been an amazing ride since we first set out to change the way people listen to music and while we’ve come a long way we still have a lot to do. In addition to Spotify’s third anniversary […]