100 mixtapes and counting for mixed-tapes.nl

Our friends from mixedtapes present their 100th mixtape!

Wasn’t it beautiful, weren’t we cool… oh those were the days! We used to mix tapes for ourselves, our friends and… for that cute girl we’d try and impress with personalized tapes. For hours we’d lock ourselves in our rooms, alone with records, 12″-s, singles, a turntable and a tape-deck. A perfect mix of two times 45 minutes, and you will be remembered for ever!

This feeling has come to life with the Dutch initiative mixed-tapes.nl, created by Strangelove. Twice a week they release a mixtape, a Spotify playlist – created by artists, bands, producers, journalists, or other wicked people from the scene.

For this very special edition Jason Derülo has put together his favorite tracks on the tape ‘ME’.

Find Derulo’s tape at www.mixed-tapes.nl!