Spotify on Squeezebox is now available!

A few weeks ago we announced that we were teaming up to bring Spotify to Logitech’s Squeezebox Radio and Touch.

Today, Logitech has released a new software update for the Touch and Radio which officially adds the new Spotify app. All you need is a Spotify Premium subscription, a Radio or Touch and you can start streaming via your Squeezebox to every corner of your house.

To add Spotify go to “App Gallery” and then “Music On-Demand” on your Squeezebox. Scroll down to the end of the list and select Spotify. Enjoy!



  2. The previous announcement made it sound like it wouldn’t work on any of the “classic” Squeezeboxen — SB2 and SB Boom. Is that still the case? The app isn’t showing up in App Gallery for me.

  3. Listening on mye Squeezebox Radio now 🙂 Great!

    Does this mean that libspotify will be released for ARM-processors soon as well?

  4. When I try and install the app it takes me to Absolute Radio UK instead??

    Also, I have 3 “classic” Squeezeboxes and a Transporter. It would nice to offer this functionality across the whole squeezebox range. It is very strange to restrict it in the first place as technically they are all controlled by the same software. I already use Spotify using the Squeezeboxserver plugin but would prefer official support through

  5. Great. When you release something new, make sure it`s done halfway since it still is missing support for Squeezebox boom an SB2.

  6. I have been using a 3rd Party Spotify plug-in on my two Duets and four Booms. Absolutely fantastic.
    This morning Squeezebox downloaded an update which included the official Spotify version and nothing works anymore, I can search and see the graphics but it will not play the tracks.
    From the other comments, are people saying this doesn’t work with Boom and Duet? If so what is the point?

  7. He,

    I’d like to test it first. Can this be done with the free account? No. It can’t. Well I’m not signing up and giving money for a product that needs to be tested first.


  8. Well this sucked big-time, i have a Boom and it did not work and on top of that the 3d-party plugin started to act funny, when i started a song the boomer played the music then buffer the song continued the song then buffer the song and so on…….., the only solution were to remove the official plugin then it played as it should.

    Hope it helps someone.

  9. Enable Logitech to program the Spotify app also for Duet and other non supported players!!
    You will sell loads of more Premium accounts when released.


  10. Is there a problem using Netgear Ready Nas Duo + Touch + Spotify. I downloaded the latest firmware for the Touch last night and Spotify worked perfectly. However when I then tried to access music stored on the NAS drive, the Touch insisted on reloading ( automatically )the older version of it’s firmware in order to access the NAS drive, this then stopped Spotify working !
    Anyone else found the same problem ?

  11. Yes, you definetly need to reconsider your strategy that disallows Logitech from doing the transcoding on the server and that way enable Spotify on the Duet. I will probably drop my premium account if there is no progress regarding this.

  12. Can someone from Spotify confirm that a solution for Boom and Duet is being worked on? I have both of these players and both a Spotify premium and a WiMP account. There is no point for me (or others in the same situation) to subscribe to Spotify if Spotify won’t work with the equipment I have, especially when WiMP works. As there are pro’s and con’s with both Spotify and WiMP, I would prefer to continue subscribing to both. BTW, the third party plugin is messy, and not a “seling point” to me. Your comments would be most appreciated, and I’m sure others would appreciate a clarification/explanation as well..

  13. I’ve just tested on my duet and it works! I could also play on my SB2 controlled from iPeng! I have the server on a pc and added the spotify-plugin from there first.

  14. olavjohan: have you even tried the plugin or why do you consider it messy? Sure I also prefer native support and I bought a new SB Touch now that official native support was added but I am going to continue to use the plugin with my old SB3. I has worked very well from the first release and I can’t imagine someone not being able to figure out how to install and use it, it is dead simple.

  15. we have a premium account and duet also using readynas duo, plus ipeng and squeezepad on iphones and ipad. Spotify app shows on all of these and can see songs etc but doesnt play? Should it work correctly? Have tried upgrading some firmware to controller but not clear what is possible. Have been waiting for spotify to be able to be used without a pc being on for a year now, losing patience!

  16. For all of you for which the logitech thingy does not work and have a intel based server: check the plugin settings page on your local squeezeboxserver installation: there is a spotify plugin. I have a classic and a boom, but work with this plugin. You also need ofcourse a premium account for spotify and (ofcourse) you can only stream to one device at once, starting to listen on the boom kills the feed to the classic.

  17. Awesome, I have been waiting for this for some time now – thank you! On my older Logitech hardware I am using the 3rd party plugin, and it works very well. Highly recommend it.

  18. This is working fantastically, is there anyway to access Artist Radio from the Squeezebox ??

  19. I fully agree with “rocksterkenny”.

    When you release something new, make sure it`s done halfway since it is missing support for Squeezebox Duet.

    I´m using the 3d-party Spotify plugin by Triode.

  20. Great! So when are you going to publish an app for Samsung’s Internet@TV services? Youtube, Skype, and Facebook are there, along with lots of other stuff, but not Spotify – yet. Any chance of seeing this happen soon?

  21. Got to say, no worky on Duet & Boom with my Netgear Duo is a dealbreaker. Will definitely be cancelling my account if this isn’t an option. I suspect this is a pretty common configuration too.

    Any public statement about support for this platform later down the line ?

  22. Unbelivable!

    I was initially so happy to see official Spotify support for the Squeezebox devices, but this is so limited it’s now more frustrating to have support than to not have support at all. It’s like getting just one potatochip, when you really want the whole bag.

    I had previously used a 3rd party plugin on my Spotify server, had my Premium Spotify account set up and paid for, and I could play music from Spotify on my kitchen Radio and sync it to my living room Hifi through the Duet Receiver. Great setup. So what happens next? Spotify breaks the whole thing by limiting official plug-in support. So now, nothing works in my whole setup. Why? My players (Radio and Duet) are synced. Yay. I guess I’ll have to stop the syncronization, and stay in my tiny kitchen to play Spotify music in mono on my SB Radio, while leaving the (nearby) Hifi in my living room on standby.

    I’m seriously considering dropping my subscription because of this.

    As an extra bonus I wasted the better part of an entire weekend troubleshooting my previously fully functioning setup, since the error message you get when trying to do sync’ed playback is no help at all.

    Ugh. No happy. At least explain why such a limitation is necessary. I have to agree with pcline3, this is a major dealbreaker for me.

  23. Here the same problem

    Spotify Premium Account’ve even put just stop,
    I wait until any update and it works on the Squeezebox Duet !

  24. Despite having both the genuine, and non genuine app for Spotify on my Squeezebox, I am finding the non Logitech one is better.
    Reasons? For one, for whatever reason artwork is not appearing in the browse section on the left hand side of the scree, however, once selected in the now playing side, artwork is there……very odd! And, the non genny one offers more options when searching.
    Come on Logitech, catch up!

  25. “All you need is a Spotify Premium subscription, a Radio or Touch and you can start streaming via your Squeezebox to every corner of your house.”
    This is bullshit!
    I have a touch but I still can’t stream to every corner of my house! False marketing!
    I use my touch as my selection tool only. My Booms and duets are synced to it. I’m also using the duet remote as an interface to the touch so the duet remote “is” the touch. I select a spotify song and get: “problem: it’s not possible to play the file type for:spotify://track:[a bunch of letters and numbers]” (loosly translated from swedish)
    If I select a track directly on the touch it’s the same thing.
    If i end all syncs to the touch it works but as I have no speakers connected to it I can’t hear anything.
    Who do I contact to get my money back??? I can’t find any support links at spotify, just a bunch of Q&A’s and forums????

  26. Bought a Squeezexbox duet last week, set it up and discovered Spotify. Decided to upgrade to premium as it told me on the handset Needed to do this to stream Spotify using the Squeezebox Did so and now find it’s not supported – feels like a bit of a con. Have downloaded 3rd party plug in with a brief success – got to stream Spotify for a few minutes then no more. have read all the forums and followed advice and tried the lot with still no sucess – a very frustrating weekend. Why don’t you just support the entire Squeezebox range – it all seems to operate from the same server set-up so I just don’t get why you have created such an issue for so many. How about an announcement that you intend to fix this and some timescales!

  27. i just signup for spotify premium. I have a duet and a boom, i am struggling to login and this is not somehting i expect of a logitech device.
    Just make it work!

  28. There is another way for Classic and Duet users: Rogue Amoeba software make a program called NICECAST. This basically hacks your Spotify audio stream and broadcasts it onto the local IP of your squeezebox server. With the TUNE IN URL function of Squeezebox this can be received like a radio station. Absolute stunning superb sound quality! The setup is a bit tricky, but once you get it going it is worth it.

  29. So no news, no announcements, no response on this blog.

    Cancelled subscription, there are other services out there.

    Will come back if full support comes around for squeezebox later down the line (and if the service I’m using isn’t better than Spotify)

    Come on spotify, wake up …..

  30. This is a really positive development – thank you for providing it. I have a Squeezebox Classic – and whilst I can install the app and see my playlists etc – unfortunately I can’t play tracks yet. When the app is expanded to more Squeezebox platforms I’ll be checking it out.

  31. Come on Spotify – I’ve been waiting for well over a year for Spotify on Squeezebox and now I find that it doesn’t work on the Boom? What gives?

  32. Logging in on Spotify on Logitech Squeezebox Radio is not working when you have Swedihs letter ( ÅÄÖ ) in user name or password.

  33. Please add support for Squeezebox Boom and Classic. It can’t be that hard since music service Wimp already support those two devices. Can someone at Spotify confirm that you are working on supporting these as well? Thanks!