iPhone app updated – background listening arrives!

Easily the most requested feature for our iPhone app since it launched last September has been the ability to listen to music while surfing the web, using Facebook, etc. Up until now this hasn’t been possible but with Apple’s release of iOS 4 you’re able to use multiple apps at the same time, including Spotify.

Along with this great feature we managed to squeeze in a few more nice additions into this update, the full release contains:

  • iOS 4 multitasking! Play Spotify tracks while doing other things with your phone. NOTE: Only iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (3rd generation) support multitasking.
  • Use the headset remote and lockscreen buttons to control Spotify playback
  • “What’s new” tab has been added showing you newly released albums, the top 100 tracks in your country, and the social feed
  • Share tracks and albums to your Spotify friends!
  • Battery consumption is improved when the app is in the foreground or paused.



  1. Great, additional functions to the iPhone client but please don’t discontinue the Symbian version.

  2. Is there comming a high resolution Spotify for iPhone 4? 😉 Thanks for a great music program!

  3. i have not idea how this work !!! i have iphone 3gs 32gb and Spotify Premium but it is working !! how to do ?? somebody who nows ???

  4. I updated yesterday and now the multitasking isn’t working anymore. Even worse: when I click the ‘sleep button’ on top the music mutes! Am I missing something?

  5. Does the app work only with a paid account? Eg. premium account not the free account if you already have one?

  6. I bought Premium yesterday and installed the app on my Iphone 3gs (ios4). Multitasking doesn’t work! The moment I click my home button the music stops. Also when the phone goes into sleep mode (screen goes off) the music stops! Am I missing something? Help!

  7. Right, here we go: this is an outstanding issue:
    Why is the music fading out and stopping when I try to multitask or lock my iPhone/iPod Touch?
    Occasionally, when pressing the Home button to multitask or when your device locks, the music on Spotify will fade and stop. To resolve this problem, simply restart your device. Should it happen again at any point, please use the same solution. We are currently investigating the issue to find a permanent solutio