Spotify for iPhone v0.4.1 now available

Spotify for iPhone v0.4.1, which addresses a number of critical issues that some users experienced with the previous update, is now available in the App store. This update should help users who experienced problems connecting over certain Wi-Fi networks and allow users to turn off iPod integration which was causing Spotify to crash in certain cases.

If you were experiencing crashes with the previous update please navigate to the ‘More’ screen and turn off iPod integration.


  1. @andres: Many thanks, mine was crashing constantly, switching off the ipod sync fixed it.

  2. I was VERY disappointed to find that LOADS of the songs in my synced playlists are unavailable when I’m offline after I udated Spotify to this version, unless I pay for them.
    I already pay to be able to access Spotify Premium, and this update kind of spoils the whole idea of Spotify for me.
    I also wonder why the songs are not available for iPhone-users but still available for HTC-users? And why not for iPhone but for computers?
    I never had any problems with Spotify before, so this update wasn’t much use to me, rather a spoiler.

  3. I know and still think that Spotify is the second coming of Christ, It has changed my life and i have nothing but love for your spotify-guys!!! i would pay the double each month because i so love the product…Sorry but i´ve got no patience left!!! Fix that iphone bug!!!! It crashes all the time, the screen freezes to death, i cant sync anymore since i got the “updade” last week…i´m canceling premium if this continues!!!

  4. How comes 4.2 is now release and yet there’s been no announcement from Spotify?