Spotify for iPhone v0.4.1 to fix critical issues

Some serious but rare bugs waited until the new version was out to the general public before showing themselves – despite every effort from our quality assurance team to ensure this doesn’t happen. We’ve identified most of these bugs and we’re going to submit a fix to Apple shortly for approval so hopefully we can get it out to users as quickly as possible.

So what’s been fixed?

  • There was an incompatibility with some makes of Wi-Fi routers causing DNS queries to never return. In practice, this meant that the app would hang forever trying to login or restore but this will now be fixed. A big thanks to the users at our support forums who helped track this issue down!
  • On some devices, when Spotify tries to find your iPod tracks to be able to play them, Spotify will crash just a few seconds after launching. We haven’t found the reason yet, but rather than keep you waiting until we find it we’re added an option to disable iPod integration on the ‘More’ screen until the issue is fixed. Also, Spotify won’t try to find your tracks until about two minutes after start, so you’ll have time to disable the option. Of course, the feature should work, and we are working hard to track down the bug.

We are sorry to those who have been affected and hopefully we can roll this fix out fast. If you’re

And finally – we wish everyone a Happy Easter and holiday weekend.

UPDATE: We’ve submitted the app to Apple and as soon as it’s available for download we will let you know. In the meantime we are going to pull version 0.4 from the App store in order to ensure that no one else experiences problems.

UPDATE 2: The new app has been approved and we’re just waiting for it to appear in the App store now.


  1. All searches are very slow now and I have noticed that this reaches a peak in the evenings, anybody else had this problem?playlists made on my laptop do not sync onto my iPod at the moment, it is such a shame the app worked so well when I first signed to premium, it has goto the stage where everything I listen to in the evenings pauses every few seconds, if this continues I will have to cancel my membership

  2. So, I updated the app on my iPod Touch this evening, after which I had to sync all my offline playlists again, which has taken a very long time because the app keeps crashing. If not sorted by the morning I’ll be cancelling my premium subscription.

  3. dudes. regarding critical issues, i have a critical issue to report:
    i can’t fine any decent version of “staten och kapitalet” on spotify anymore
    i consider this a severe bug or total braindamage?.
    which of it is it? is it a bug? yes/no?

    please see for a deeper analysis in swedish.

  4. I have just bought premium account and it is not working on my Iphone ???????

  5. Come on kids even the most stringent of QA systems will let the odd bug through still.

    This is still extremely new technology, we have to support it as much as possible just imagine how gutted you would all be if spotify just shut down this afternoon, gone forever.

    Yes bugs are annoying but Spotify need us all to be constructive about it.

  6. I’ve updated the app and now spotify stops playing when my iphone locks. This is a bit of a problem since I often have the phone in my pocket when I run ….. Any chance of a fix? I don’t even mind having to download all my offline tracks …. again.

    I recently bought premium and that day I asily searched and played an album.
    Today I can’t find a route to any music. No search box, no index, nothing except promotional information, even though my account is active. Please can I have a search box or a refund? Anybody know?

  8. I was VERY disappointed to find that LOADS of the songs in my synced playlists are unavailable when I’m offline after I udated Spotify to this version, unless I pay for them.
    I already pay to be able to access Spotify Premium, and this update kind of spoils the whole idea of Spotify for me.
    I also wonder why the songs are not available for iPhone-users but still available for HTC-users? And why not for iPhone but for computers?
    I never had any problems with Spotify before, so this update wasn’t much use to me, rather a spoiler.