One year ago today…


We took a big step in our journey and opened Spotify up to the public. It’s been a wild ride since then, even more than we could have imagined and today we celebrated with a little cake in the office.

Over the past year we’ve worked hard to continue to improve Spotify. We’ve more than doubled the size of our music catalogue over the year and work continues to add more content each week. We’ve added features to allow you to buy your favorite music, play music when your connection drops out and most significantly to take Spotify with you while on the move.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who made this a great year, including all of the great artists on Spotify, our partners who have believed in us from the beginning, the team here who work long hours to ensure you enjoy the best service and – of course – our users who make it all worthwhile.

Some of the fun stats over the year include:

  • It would take more than 34 years to listen to the entire catalogue, no sleep allowed
  • More than one in nine Swedes are Spotify users
  • Billions of tracks are streamed every month
  • Tens of thousands new users joining everyday

And this is only the beginning…


  1. Happy birthday! Länge leve Spotify!

    Indeed it has been an amazing first year in public, and I trust more is to come. Thanks to Spotify, I have had the pleasure of discovering many fantastic artists I would never have come across otherwise.

  2. Dont go all crazy with yr cake! BTW today would be a GREAT day to release S60 version!!!!

  3. Congratulations Spotify!

    Thank you! You are a revolution to the way I listen to music.
    Love you! And I mean everyone who have made this possible!

    Keep working hard on getting all the music up on spotify. I would like to push for Ryan Adams “Heartbreaker”. I miss that one.

  4. Fantastic! Hang in there guys and make Spotify the world wide success it deservers!

    Among my 10 closest friends, 7 are now Premium users! Myself using iPod Touch in my living room stereo as my sole music provider. My CDs are now being transfered to the attic 🙂

  5. Without Spotify, my life will be more boring.
    Happy birthday! A day late though. =P

  6. Keep up the good work! Don’t remember to give money back to the artists. They are the reason that spotify exist.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! and congratulations for your nice work, Spotify is the best thing that could happen to music.

  8. congratulations. Spotify is great you deserve a bigger cake! or maybe the cake is a lie… (geeky quote from portal sorry!) 🙂

    Happy Birthday!

  9. spotify is great! But since now roughly 24 hours I have been getting a 408 error and not been able to login to MY account. Other peoples account is no issue though.. why?

  10. I’m also getting the 408 unable to login error. Why is this happening? Congrats to Spotify 🙂 Please help!