Spotify Premium UK, magical Mercury Prize competition

mercury-prize.jpgNow hear this! To celebrate the unveiling of this year’s Barclaycard Mercury Prize winner on Tuesday 8th September, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful people at Mercury to offer our Spotify Premium UK members the chance to win some rather special prizes of their own.

This year the shortlist for the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, which celebrates the best in British and Irish music, bears witness to a rich crop of outstanding albums from both established and up-and-coming acts, including Bat for Lashes, Florence & The Machine, Friendly Fires, Glasvegas, Kasabian, La Roux, Led Bib, Lisa Hannigan, Speech Debelle, Sweet Billy Pilgrim, The Horrors and The Invisible.

The winner of this year’s Mercury Prize will be announced live on BBC Two as part of the broadcaster’s coverage of the Awards Show, hosted by Jools Holland… and we’ve got a pair of VIP tickets to the show, to be held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, to give away to one lucky member.

If that wasn’t enough, Mercury has delivered us a pumping Bose SoundDock portable digital music system, designed specifically for the iPod, to give away as a special runner’s up prize, together with a silky set of Bose in-ear headphones. Now how’s that for a slice of deep fried gold?

To be in with a chance of winning either of these great prizes, simply leave a comment on this post saying who you think should win this year’s Mercury Prize, and why.

Winners will be contacted on September 2nd. Lycka till! (as they say in Sweden).


  1. Florence and the Machine. Florence’s voice is wonderful and the band have managed to make a very unique sound very successful indeed. Cutting edge stuff, and the product of enormous talent.

  2. Florence + The Machine!
    Because my BEST FRIEND is the spitting image of her & i LOVED Her when she was at T4OTB on TV! x

  3. Florence & The Machine – Just makes me feel so damn good – it should be on prescription!

  4. Music is an art – something from the soul,
    Appreciation for its magnitude is something that only true artistes can re-create through honest and pure talents that only ever comes from true knowledge of sound and emotion.

    Reading down the list of the talent of 2009, those hailed the best of British music over the year, there seems to be one album that rings out in resonance above the rest.

    This artist is – Bat For Lashes, the pseudo-name for talented singer-songwriter Natasha Khan. Her haunting vocals, submissive use of percussive instruments, lyrical glimmers that can only have derived from true nature and beauty. Her inventive nature is clear to hear in her music – a well-travelled woman with deep eccentricities that expand the minds of those who should choose to listen with open ears.
    Yes, this is correct – Bat For Lashes to win this years award to show the power of a truly beautiful female artiste, who is by no means at her peak, but has crafted an album so worthy of true listening, there is no mistake as to what music really is all about.
    For music is an art – something from the soul.

  5. I’ve loved the Horrors since early 2007, and it’s wonderful to see them being recognised with Primary Colours. It’s an album that really pushes the boundries, every single song is original and exciting, and it is without a doubt my favourite album of all time.

    Bat for Lashes would be my second choice, her music is atmospheric and clever, and it’s also nice to see her being recognised properly.

  6. How very strange…

    The majority of bands listed are in seperate playlists on my account, and the songs in the audio ad are my favourite from the artists. >.<

  7. La Roux, for providing the soundtrack to one long fun Summer and one very memorable night πŸ™‚

  8. Friendly fires to win.

    Never have I heard anything that just gets you moving… Perfect blend of everything!!! not to mention that great dance πŸ™‚

  9. speech debelle has the most original, natural sound from a girl with natural ability

  10. Some great albums this year and a tough choice this year. I’m going for Friendly Fires.

  11. Kasabian – They make amazing music with interesting lyrics, they’re fantastic live and they’re good guys – what more could you want?

  12. Friendly Fires….for making a great album that fuses dance, indie, funk and lots more in a seamless way.

  13. Florence and the Machine …. for creating a beautiful unconventionally catchy album

  14. I’ve listened to all the nominees now. I do think it will be a particularly difficult year for the judges but for me the two stand out albums are SPEECH DEBELLE and SWEET BILLY PILGRIM. But I would have chosen Broken Records had it been nominated, it is just astonishing that it has been omitted. Speech Debelle – she has arrived where she is from an extremely disadvantaged starting point and come up with an original refreshing album of stunning lyrics and great background. Sweet Billy Pilgrim because they are the most original and are the best musically. Of the two, Speech Debelle.

  15. Two Dancers by Wild Beasts. For creating a whole piece of work that ebbs and flows; becoming a rarity these days. Not even to mention their unique and haunting all encompassing sound.