7digital downloads now available in Sweden

We previously announced an expanded “Buy From” for users in Spain, France and the UK. Today I wanted to let you know that our download partner 7digital has officially launched their service in Sweden. Along with their launch we’ve expanded our download option to include links for all our Swedish users.


To purchase albums or tracks right click on the track name (control click in Mac OS) and you’ll see the “Buy From” menu item. If the track or album is available for purchase there will be a link to the 7Digital store where you can download the mp3.


  1. Let me first say congrats on choosing 7Digital – in my opinion the best digital store around. Presently the only store (well, at least if you count out more specialist digital stores) I know of that mainly sells 320 kbps mp3s.

    Secondly, I know there was some talk initially of this option being made available in Norway too. Any news on that topic?

  2. I just wanted to post this somewhere, since I others might benefit:

    If you want to play your mp3’s in spotify, you have to keep them in the folder that you downloaded them to. This can be frustrating if you want to add them to your regular mp3-library as well. Of course you could just copy them, but I didn’t want to spend the extra storage, so I solved this by using hard links.

    Works fine on Mac, should work the same on linux, don’t know for windows. Open a terminal, goto the folder where your 7digital-mp3s are, create links for all files by typing “ln * targetpath” where “targetpath” is the path to the folder where you want to put the links.

    Once created, the “links” are indistinguishable from the “originals”, and you can move them to your mp3-library or do whatever you want. If you delete one of the references (either the “orgininal” or a “link”) to the data, it will still be there. It’s only when you delete all references to the data that it is actually removed from the filesystem. Note that if you move a reference to another filesystem, it will become a separate file and not a reference, so creating hard links and moving to an external HD is no use. Could work with symbolic or soft links, haven’t tried. Won’t work with Mac OS aliases.

    Or just wait until Spotify allows playing of your own files… 🙂