Spotify Premium, Here I Am


This week’s pre-release for premium users in Sweden is courtesy of Danny. In a follow-up to his successful debut Heart Beats he’s recorded a new album, Set My Body Free, which will be released to the public next week. So Just Like That you can pre-listen to the new Danny album, only with Spotify Premium.


  1. GREAT, thanks a lot! I LOVE these pre-releases! His previous album was super, hope this is too!

  2. Jag märkte en sak, När man är inne på “radio” så kan man inte bläddra mellan låtar, utan man måste lyssna på låten innan före man kan byta, vore nice med något så man kunde bläddra igenom 😛

  3. And since I live in Norway, this is yet another deal I don’t get the benefit from. I pay like everyone else, and what do I get that the free users don’t get? Well.. I get to not listen to an ad now and then… Don’t really know if it’s worth it to pay 1200kr a year for that…