Spotify Premium, Emmon exclusive


This week we have a special pre-release for Spotify Premium users in Sweden. Starting today and going until January 7th premium users can listen to Emmon’s new album, Closet Wanderings, plus 4 remixes which are exclusive to Spotify. On January 8th the album will be available for pre-listen to all Spotify users and will be released in stores on February 19th.

Merry Christmas!

Spotify scrobbles

Almost immediately after launch we started getting heaps of requests from people who wanted to be able to scrobble the music they were playing on Spotify to ( is a cool music recommendation site for those of you who don’t know). The demand was so high that people started creating their own solutions to scrobble, which were cool but a little hard to install and run for the average user.

So today we are really excited to announce that we’ve added scobbling support directly into Spotify, no more need to install any other software. To setup scrobbling just open the user preferences in Spotify and enter your username and password and you’re ready to scrobble. account settings in Spotify
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And there’s more! One of our developers also came up with a neat Greasemonkey script for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari that works with What is does is it adds a little green music icon next to all the tracks, albums and artists on’s website. When you click the icon it will search through Spotify for that artist or track and you can start listening to it right away. To get the add-on you need to download Greasemonkey for your browser (or Greasekit if you use Safari) and then the script.

So for everyone who was waiting for this feature, enjoy!

The Christmas spirit is in the air

Christmas is a time for family, friends, good food and music! There’s nothing quite as nice as cozying up by the fireplace with a nice mug of glögg and some great tunes. At Spotify we put together a playlist of some of our favorite holiday songs, the list is a little eclectic but it matches the spirit of our office and we thought we’d share it with our readers, click here to add the playlist to Spotify

There’s endless amounts of Christmas music on Spotify so if you have a favorite holiday album or have created your own holiday playlist let us know, we’d love to hear it.

Even more music now on Spotify

As we’ve said before, we’re constantly adding more music to Spotify. This means uploading the hot new music from major labels, as well as getting more and more from the back catalogs of smaller labels and hip indies.

You can get a small preview of the most popular new music by clicking the “Home” link in the upper left corner of Spotify and then selecting the “What’s new” tab. Or get it all by simply searching for everything that was released in 2008. (We’ve told you about how to make the most of Spotify searches before.)

Best thing is, even though we have lots and lots of music, there’s still a huge amount of music to add. We won’t stop until we have it all.

Bredbandsbolaget offering up 500,000 Spotify invites

b2_logo.jpg For the past little while we’ve been working with Bredbandsbolaget, our very first partner, to provide their customers with Spotify accounts. We’re really excited to be extending this deal and let you know that they have an amazing 500,000 invites to Spotify, which they are distributing to their users so that they can share them with family or friends.

Bredbandsbolaget has been great to work with, they’ve also been incredibly enthusiastic users of Spotify themselves. Their CEO, Georgi Ganev, has been nice enough to post his personal playlist, which we thought we’d share with you.

So if you’re an existing Bredbandsbolaget customer or you are looking to switch ISPs why not head over to Bredbandsbolaget and get Spotify as well!

Give the gift of music with Spotify Premium gift cards


We’ve got the perfect present for the music lover in your family or circle of friends. With Spotify Premium gift cards you can give the gift of six months of ad-free music, as well as a range of exclusive benefits such as album pre-releases and VIP contests for prizes. Plus, Spotify Premium users get invites to Spotify Free, which they can share with family & friends.

Gift cards can be purchased from our site and will be mailed directly to the recipient. To be sure that they arrive before the holidays make sure to place your order by December 19th. Gift cards are available in Sweden only.

Spotify Premium, New Kids on the blog

New Kids on the Block might be Grown Men but they’re still Hangin’ Tough. A successful tour and new album have propelled them back into the limelight and you can be a part of it.

We’ve got four limited edition collectors packs for Spotify Premium users in Sweden. The pack includes a deluxe copy of the new NKTB album, The Block, as well as a specially designed New Kids canvas bag. If you’d like to win a prize, leave a comment by next Friday and we’ll let you know if you’ve got The Right Stuff.