Spotify 0.2.3

We released a new version of Spotify today. We have mostly fixed bugs, but some of the changes are things you may notice.

On the Mac:

  • The artist view has had a lot of changes under the hood. A lot of small issues have been fixed and the entire view should be faster over all.
  • Spotify displays an error message if you try to open invalid URIs.
  • You can drag cover art images.
  • Spotify uses the sRGB color space. This means that the player looks a bit darker than before.
  • When viewing the biography an artist image (if available) is shown even if the biography text is very short.
  • Spotify avoids saving passwords if password saving is disabled.
  • Rows in the artist view are no longer selected when cover art images are clicked (or right-clicked).

On Windows:

  • Spotify cleans up state on uninstall and informs the user if Spotify
    is still running.

Common to both platforms:

  • You can drag and drop the currently playing track, as shown above the position indicator at the bottom of the Spotify window, or right-click it to bring up a context menu.
  • The login window (again) shows a message when Spotify is upgraded.
  • Spotify no longer skips the first track of a playlist when it is selected as the current playlist.

We are also happy to announce that Spotify runs better than ever under Wine. Most of the graphical glitches have been removed and the menus respond better to clicks.