Thanks a lot!

Friends are crucial and we’ve got a bunch of great friends who we invited to our Christmas party. It was very kind of them to help us with the beer we needed to get out of the server room to fit more servers.

Thank you guys for all the nice presents we got: Shrek ears, flowers and helicopters, what more could one wish for? Thank you, Mumsan and Johan for boosting our creative corner!

Thank you Frida, David, Amit and all of our friends at Radon for the great feedback wall in the conference room! We’ve got friends who are so ambitious and smart that they can’t stop working even when we invite them to a party!

Filip Göransson, we found your wallet. Carl Waldencrantz left us some huge tennis shoes, and we’ve got David’s (of Radon) cute red iPod. No worries, everything is OK and you can drop by here at any time to pick your stuff up.

And thank you, Max, for an excellent eleven-hours DJ session! My feet are still sore.