A tribute to the mixtape

Share. As kids we’re taught to share our toys and play nice with others. We share secrets, memories, ideas, fears, dreams and favorite songs. These are all things that matter and it feels good to share them with our loved ones.

Sophia's mixtape

Remember your first mixtape? I do.

There is nothing like the first mixtape you got from that special someone. Behind it lies a symphony of thoughts, hours and love that always seem to make up for the messy writing on the cover.

We just love the idea of sharing a well composed group of songs, so as a tribute to the mixtape we’ve created sharable playlists in our most recent update: Spotify 0.2.2. Just drag and drop a playlist (or right-click and copy the link) and send it to your special someone via email or IM.

BTW, don’t forget that the playlists you’ve decided to share will be updated instantly when you add, remove or reorder songs. Might be good to think of before adding I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Love You.