Frequently asked questions

We have published a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for our beta testers. In case there is something you want to know, please check the FAQ first!

If you’re experiencing problems with Spotify or want to send us feedback, you can select Give Feedback… from the Help menu and use the built-in interface for that. You can also check out our guidelines for submitting bug reports, crash dumps and screenshots.

Hardware issues

Unfortunately we currently have some issues with a disk server, which caused Spotify to be unavailable this morning. At this stage in the beta test our production system is not as redundant as we would like it to be, and if things get worse, that might lead to some more downtime.

We’re doing everything we can to prevent that, but please bear with us, in case something happens. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Spotify 0.2.1

We’ve released version 0.2.1 of the client, fixing a few bugs and adding some minor features.

On the Mac:

• Search results are now grouped on track.
• A spinning throbber is shown when waiting for views to load.
• Nice yellow error messages are shown in case of problems.

And on Windows:

• Hovering over the “My music”/”Play queue” header with a draggable
object will switch between views.

Changes in infrastructure

Photo of Emil

This week we have made some changes to the Spotify infrastructure to be able to scale efficiently in the future. Our network engineer Emil has had a few busy nights this week but now everything is working according to the plan. Thanks, Emil and all other Spotifiers involved in the release! Very well done guys!

Because of this we’d like to raise a flag for potential interruptions when running Spotify. If you’re bumping into problems, please drop us an email so that we can help you fix it! We’re doing everything we can to make it work smoothly.

Good news

Though the days are getting shorter and colder we’re trying our best to light your fire even in the darkest hour. We know you will survive this winter as well, so to get back your lust for life just hang on to a good song!

As well as good songs, we have some good news for the Apple fans taking part in our beta test, Spotify now works with Leopard! A couple of weeks ago one of our Mac developers got sick, and whilst he was tucked up in bed with chicken soup, we ended up running out of time to make the release date. Luckily for us not only was a full recovery made, but three of our beta testers dropped us a line and offered to help out. So here we are, with much thanks to Leo Giertz, Jesper Särnesjö and Jocke Ekberg! Thanks a lot, guys, we really appreciate your help! In the future we’re going to pay close attention to whether our developer team are tucking into the fresh fruit we get for the office and not just drinking Jolt cola and Nespresso coffee. :)

Unfortunately, the automatic update will not help you if you have already upgraded to Leopard. Please download Spotify from the beta website and you should be good to go again.

There’s a time and a place for pretty much everything. You may know we’ve been testing ads within the system and one thing we’re aware of is that an ad might not be that cool between the main course and the dessert of the dinner you cooked to charm your prospective in-laws. Quite a few people have said they’d be willing to pay to use Spotify without ads in this sort of occasion (another favourite more than a few of us have heard is “when putting the moves on a date” :)) We’re taking a close look at how this kind of offering could work in practice and we welcome any ideas from you guys. Just drop me an email!